Informatica Interview Questions and Answers Part 3

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What are the settiings that you use to cofigure the joiner transformation?
Master and detail source Type of join Condition of the join.

What are the types of groups in Router transformation?
Input group Output group The designer copies property information from the input ports of the input group to create a set of output ports for each output group. Two types of output groups User defined.

How many ways you can update a relational source defintion and what are they?
Two ways 1. Edit the definition 2. Reimport the defintion

What are the options in the target session of update strategy transsformatioin?
Insert Delete Update Update as update Update as insert Update esle insert Truncate table
What is the default source option for update stratgey transformation?
Data driven.

Which tool would you use to create and manage sessions and batches and to monitor and stop the Informatica server?
Informatica server manager.

What are partition points?
Partition points mark the thread boundaries in a source pipeline and divide
the pipeline into stages

How can you recognize whether or not the newly added rows in the source are get inserted in the target?
In the Type2 mapping we have three options to recognize the newly added rows 1. Version number
2. Flag value
3. Effective date Range

What are two types of processes that Informatica runs the session?
Load manager Process: Starts the session, creates the DTM process, and sends post-session email when the session completes. The DTM process. Creates threads to initialize the session, read, write, and transform data, and handle pre and post-session operations.

What is parameter file?
Parameter file is to define the values for parameters and variables used in a session.A parameter file is a file created by text editor such as word pad or notepad.
You can define the following values in parameter file:-
Maping parameters
Maping variables
session parameters.

Differences between Normalizer and Normalizer transformation.
: Normalizer: It is a transformation mainly using for Cobol sources,
it's change the rows into columns and columns into rows
Normalization: To remove the redundancy and inconsistency

What is the default source option for update strategy transformation?
Data driven.

What is Data driven?
The Informatica server follows instructions coded into update strategy transformations with in the session mapping determine how to flag records for insert,update,,delete or reject .If you do not choose data driven option setting, the Informatica server ignores all update strategy transformations in the mapping.
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