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What is a transformation?
It is a repository object that generates, modifies or passes data.

What are the designer tools for creating transformations?
1. Mapping designer
2. Transformation developer
3. Mapplet designer

What is active and passive transformation?
An active transformation can change the number of rows that pass through it. Passive transformation does not change the number of rows that pass through it.

What are the different options used to configure the sequential batches?
Run the session only if previous session completes successfully. Always runs the session.

What is data driven?
If you will select the data driven option then this is an ultimatum to the Informatica server and it will soon ignore all the strategic transformation which has taken place in the mapping.

What is aggregate cache in aggregator transformation?
The aggregator stores data in the aggregate cache until it completes aggregate calculations. When we run a session that uses an aggregator transformation, the Informatica server creates index and data caches in memory to process the transformation. If the Informatica server requires more space, it stores overflow values in cache files.

In which circumstances that Informatica server creates Reject files?
When it encounters the DD_Reject in update strategy transformation.
Violates database constraint
Filed in the rows was truncated or overflowed.

What is polling?
It displays the updated information about the session in the monitor window. The monitor window displays the status of each session when U poll the Informatica server.

Can you copy the session to a different folder or repository?

Yes. By using copy session wizard you can copy a session in a different folder or repository. But that target folder or repository should consists of mapping of that session. If target folder or repository is not having the mapping of copying session, you should have to copy that mapping first before you copy the session

What is batch and describe about types of batches?
Grouping of session is known as batch.
Batches are two types
Sequential: Runs sessions one after the other
Concurrent: Runs session at same time. If you have sessions with source-target dependencies you have to go for sequential batch to start the sessions one after another. If you have several independent sessions you can use concurrent batches. Which runs all the sessions at the same time?

What are two types of processes that runs the session?
The two types of processes that runs the session are Load Manager and DTM process.
Load manager process starts the session, creates DTM process, and sends post session email when the session completes. DTM process creates threads to initialize the session, read, write and transform data and handle pre-session and post-session operations.
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