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Which tool you use to create and manage sessions and batches and to monitor and stop the Informatica server?
Informatica server manager.

Why we use partitioning the session in Informatica?
Partitioning achieves the session performance by reducing the time period of reading the source and loading the data into target.

To achieve the session partition what are the necessary tasks you have to do?

Configure the session to partition source data.
Install the Informatica server on a machine with multiple CPU’s.

What is the default join that source qualifier provides?
Inner EquiJoin

What is Datadriven?
The Informatica server follows instructions coded into update strategy transformations within the session mapping which determine how to flag records for insert, update, delete or reject. If we do not choose data driven option setting, the Informatica server ignores all update strategy transformations in the mapping.

What is polling
It displays the updated information about the session in the monitor window. The monitor window displays the status of each session when you poll the Informatica server.

What are the types of mapping wizards that are provided in Informatica?
The designer provide two mapping wizard.
Getting Started Wizard creates mapping to load static facts and dimension tables as well as slowly growing dimension tables.
Slowly Changing Dimensions Wizard, creates mappings to load slowly changing dimension tables based on the amount of historical dimension data we want to keep and the method we choose to handle historical dimension data.

Explain reference cursor? (PL/SQL)
Cursor doesn't have a return type but A Reference Cursor have a return type and it as 2 type one is Strongly Typed Cursor and Weakly Typed Cursor

What is a source qualifier? What do you mean by Query Override?
Source Qualifier represents the rows that the PowerCenter Server reads from a relational or flat file source when it runs a session. When the definition of the relational or flat file is added to mapping then it is connected to Source Qualifier transformation. The default query is SELECT statement containing all the source columns. Source Qualifier has capability to override this default query by changing the default settings of the transformation properties.

Can you generate reports in Informatica?
Yes. By using Metadata reporter we can generate reports in Informatica.

What is metadata reporter?
It is a web based application that enables you to run reports against repository metadata. With a Meta data reporter you can access information about your repository with out having knowledge of sql, transformation language or underlying tables in the repository.

Define mapping and sessions?
Mapping: It is a set of source and target definitions linked by transformation objects that define the rules for transformation.
Session: It is a set of instructions that describe how and when to move data from source to targets.

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