Informatica Job Interview Questions

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Informatica Tool Job Interview Questions.

Professionals are invited to share the answers for the questions cited below.

  1. Explain what is the logic will you implement to load data into a fact table from n dimension tables?
  2. What do you mean by workflow in Informatica?
  3. Why you use repository connectivity and when?
  4. Can you generate reports in Informatica ? 
  5. Explain how can we delete duplicate rows from your source in mapping without using SELECT DISTINCT option in source qualifier?
  6. How many dimension tables did you had in your project and name some dimensions (columns)?
  7. Explain how to join two tables without using the Joiner Transformation.
  8. We can insert or update the rows without using the update strategy. Then what is the necessity of the update strategy?
  9. Explain in brief what is a transformation in Informatica?
  10. What is E-R modelling and why is it used for OLTP design what is dimensional modelling and why is it used for data warehouse design?
  11. What is the use of redo log file in Informatica ?.
  12. Differentiate difference between Enterprise data warehouse and a data warehouse?
  13. What do you mean by worklet and what use of worklet and in which situation we can use it?
  14. With out using Update strategy and sessions options, how we can do the update our target table?
  15. Can you look up a flat file, Please explain the process. What is test load?
  16. How can we delete the cache files while we using aggregator transformation?
  17. How can we remove the staging area in Informatica?
  18. How many Fact and Dimension tables are there in your project?
  19. How to load data to target where the source and targets are XML'S?
  20. If you have four lookup tables in the workflow. How do you troubleshoot effectively to improve performance?
  21. Under what circumstances Informatica server results an unrecoverable session? 
  22. Explain what do you mean by transformation?
  23. What do you mean by Event-Based Scheduling in Informatica?
  24. Explain what is referential Integrity error? What steps will you take to rectify the error?
  25. Without the use of ETL tool can you prepare a Data Warehouse and maintain it?
  26. Can you look up a flat file using Informatica?
  27. How can we display delimiters beside column names of target flat file?
  28. Explain how do you add and delete header, footer records from flat file during load to oracle?
  29. How many joiner transformations needed to join 10 different sources?
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