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Can you use the mapping parameters or variables created in one mapping into another mapping?

What is difference between direct and indirect loading options in sessions?
Use file type direct when we are loading single file into Target. Use Indirect when we want to load multiple files through single session in the mapping

When we create a target as flat file and source as oracle. How can we have first rows as column names in flat files.
Ans :
We can add a union all clause in the Source Qualifier of the Relational source to add the header values in SELECT clause, so as to populate them as header.

How to capture the user information (Username) of the person, who is executing a workflow or session in workflow manager.
Ans :

Which ETL tool is more preferable Informatica or Data Stage and why?
preference of an ETL tool depends on affordability and functionality. It is mostly a tradeoff between the price and feature. While Informatica has been a market leader since the past many years, DataStage is beginning to pick up momentum.

What is worklet?
Worklet is an object that represents a set of tasks.

What is workflow?
A workflow is a set of instructions that tells the Informatica server how to execute the tasks.

What is session?
A session is a set of instructions to move data from sources to targets.

Why do we need SQL overrides in Lookup transformations?
In order to lookup more than one value from one table, we go for SQL overrides in Lookups.

What is the difference between static cache and dynamic cache.
Static cache: you can not insert or update the cache.
The informatica server returns a value from condition when the condition is false. This indicates that is true. When the condition is not true, informatica server returns the default value
Dynamic cache: You can insert rows into the cache as you pass to the target.
The informatica server inserts rows into cache when the condition is false. This indicates the row is not in the cache or target.
You can pass these rows to the target table. For connected transformations and null for unconnected transformations.

Which transformation should we use to normalize the COBOL and relational sources?
Ans: Normalizer Transformation.

When you drag the COBOL source in to the mapping Designer workspace, the normalizer transformation automatically appears, creating input and output ports for every column in the source.

How to join two tables, which reside in two different databases in the Source qualifier.
By using DB links in SQ ,but throughput will be very slow. Joiner will be better approach in this case

What is a code page?
A code page contains encoding to specify characters in a set of one or more languages. The code page is selected based on source of the dat.For example if source contains Japanese text then the code page should be selected to support Japanese text.
When a code page is chosen, the program or application for which the code page is set, refers to a specific set of data that describes the characters the application recognizes. This influences the way that application stores, receives, and sends character data.

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