Informatica Tool Interview Questions Questions and Solutions

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What is difference between $ and $$ parameters/variables
$ are System defined and $$ are User defined variables

How to use data from SAP/Oracle Apps /Mainframe
Through power exchange.

What are the types of lookup?
Connected and unconnected.

What is meant by lookup caches?
The informatica server builds a cache in memory when it processes the first row of a data in a cached look up transformation. It allocates memory for the cache based on the amount you configure in the transformation or session properties. The informatica server stores condition values in the index cache and output values in the data cache.

How to find all invalid mappings in a folder
we can find the invalid mappings information from the rep_all_mappings view with a query Select mapping_name from rep_all_mappings Where
subject_area='Folder_Name' And parent_mapping_is_valid <>1

What are different kinds of aggregation?
Some examples of aggregation are SUM, AVG, COUNT, MAX, MIN, LAST, MEDIAN, PERCENTILE etc.

What is difference between maplet and reusable transformation?
Maplet: one or more transformations
Reusable transformation: only one transformation

Define maping and sessions?
Maping: It is a set of source and target definitions linked by transformation objects that define the rules for transformation.
Session : It is a set of instructions that describe how and when to move data from source to targets.

What is a code page?
.A code page contains encoding to specify characters in a set of one or more languages and is selected based on source of the data. The set code page refers to a specific set of data that describes the characters the application recognizes. This influences the way that application stores, receives, and sends character data.

What is Target Update override?
It overrides the default update statement in the target properties.

How are Informatica object files stored?
They are stored as XML in the Informatica Repository.

How do we tune the performance of Informatica transformations?
Use Filter transformation before transforming the unwanted data. • Go for dynamic lookups as far as possible. • Use Union transformations in place of using multiple transformations with binded SQLs.

In what conditions we cannot use Joiner transformation?
Both pipelines begin with the same original data source. Both input pipelines originate from the same Source Qualifier transformation. Both input pipelines originate from the same Normalizer transformation. Both input pipelines originate from the same Joiner transformation. Any of the input pipelines contains an Update Strategy transformation. Any of the input pipelines contains a connected or unconnected Sequence Generator transformation.

If there is no PK or FK in the target table, how do we update or insert value into the table?
We take a dynamic lookup on the target and do a comparison with source in an expression and flag it.

What are the settings that you use to configure the joiner transformation?
Master and detail source Type of join. Condition of the join.

What are the join types in joiner transformation?
1. Normal (Default)
2. Master outer
3. Detail outer
4. Full outer

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