Interview Questions on ETL Tool Informatica

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Name some measures in your fact table?

What are the basic needs to join two sources in a source qualifier?

What are the mapping parameters and mapping variables?

What are the types of target loads

What is a Lookup transformation and what are its uses?

What is difference between Informatica 7.1 and Abinitio

What is one disadvantage of using an unconnected (sometimes called function mode)

What is Lookup transformation?

What is the difference between Local and Global repository?

What is the economic comparison of all the Informatica versions?

What is tracing level and what the types of tracing level?

Why did you use update strategy in your application?

Can we revert back reusable transformation to normal transformation?

Explain the pipeline partition with real time example?

How do I import VSAM files from source to target. Do I need a special plugin

How do you validate all the mappings in the repository at once?

How to export mappings to the production environment?

I have the Administer Repository Privilege, but I cannot access a repository using the
Repository Manager.

How to get particular record from the table in Informatica?

What are the challenges you have faced in your Project (DWH-ETL)? Explain with example?

What are the mapping specifications? How versioning of repository objects?

What are the unsupported repository objects for a mapplet?

What is a mapplet?

What is difference between lookup cashe and unchashed lookup?Can I run the mapping with out
starting the Informatica server?

What is parameter file?

What is the difference between a Bulk and Normal mode and where exactly is it defined?

What is the event-based scheduling?

What is tracing level?

Why dimenstion tables are normalized in nature ?

Can we run a group of sessions without using workflow manager

For a session, can I use 3 mappings?

How do we analyze the data at database level?

How do you write a session parameter file which will change the source and targets for every
session. i.e different source and targets for each session run.

How to extract 10 records out of 100 records in a flat file

If a Mapping is running slow, What steps you will take, to correct it?

There are two flat files and the two flat files contain two fields as states. both the flat files contain duplicates.How to eliminate this duplicates?
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