Free Informatica Interview Questions

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Informatica ETL Tool Interview Questions ,Free Informatica Interview Questions.

  1. What are the new features and enhancements in PowerCenter 5.1?
  2. What are the various test procedures used to check whether the data is loaded in the backend, performance of the mapping, and quality of the data loaded in Informatica.
  3. What is a repository?
  4. What is difference between stored procedure transformation and external procedure transformation? 
  5. What is polling?
  6. What is the difference between active transformation and passive transformation?
  7. What is the exact syntax of an update strategy?
  8. What is update strategy and what are the options for update strategy?
  9. Why do we use reusable sequence generator transformation only in mapplet?
  10. Can we use lookup instead of join? Reason
  11. Give me an scenario where flat files are used?
  12. How do we do complex mapping by using flatfiles / relational database?
  13. How does sorted input works in aggregator transformation
  14. How to get 25 of 100 fields table is there any transformation available in Informatica I know router/filter or any other?
  15. If I done any modifications for my table in back end does it reflect in Informatica warehouse or mapping designer or source analyzer?
  16. To provide support for Mainframes source data,which files are used as a source definitions? COBOL files
  17. What are the common errors while running a Informatica session?
  18. What are the new features in Informatica 5.0? 
  19. What are the various types of transformation?
  20. What is a shared folder?
  21. What is drill-down and drill-up?
  22. What is power center repository? 
  23. What is the difference between connected and unconnected stored procedures.
  24. What is the file extension and format of the files for the Informatica objects like Mappings, sessions etc in the repository?
  25. What is update strategy transformation? 
  26. Why do you use a reusable sequence generator transformation in mapplets?
  27. Can we use lookup transformation with out using source qualifier transformation?
  28. Have you implemented Lookup in your mapping, If yes give some example?
  29. How do we do unit testing in Informatica?How do we load data in Informatica ?
  30. How does the Informatica know that the input is sorted? 
  31. How to get the first 100 rows from the flat file into the target?
  32. If index cache file capacity is 2MB and data cache is 1 MB. If you enter the data of capacity for index is 3 MB and data is 2 MB. What will happen?
  33. Two relational tables are connected to SQ Trans,what are the possible errors it will be thrown?
  34. What are the common problems developers face while ETL development
  35. What are the new features of the server manager in the Informatica 5.0? 
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