SAP ABAP Interview Questions faced in top MNCs

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1. What are the techniques involved in using SAP supplied programs? Do you prefer to write your own programs to load master data? Why?
2. What are logical databases? What are the advantages/disadvantages of logical databases?

3. What specific statements do you using when writing a drill down report?
4. What are different tools to report data in SAP? What all have you used?
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ABAP query tool?
6. What are the functional areas? User groups? How does ABAP query work in relation to these?
7. Is a logical database a requirement/must to write an ABAP query?
8. What is the structure of a BDC sessions.
9. What are Change header/detail tables? Have you used them?
10. What do you do when the system crashes in the middle of a BDC batch session?
11. What do you do with errors in BDC batch sessions?
12. How do you set up background jobs in SAP? What are the steps? What are the event driven batch jobs?
13. Is it possible to run host command from SAP environment? How do you run?
14. What kind of financial periods exist in SAP? What is the relevant table for that?
15. Does SAP handle multiple currencies? Multiple languages?
16. What is a currency factoring technique?
17. How do you document ABAP programs? Do you use program documentation menu option?
18. What is SAPscript and layout set?
19. What are the ABAP commands that link to a layout set?
20. What is output determination?

Question Set 2
1.Without using Tcode SE11, How can we enter the values in to the table???
2.What is the difference between Collect statement and Append Statement???
3.What do you mean by correction and Transportation system???
4.What is the difference between User Exits and BADI????
5.How can we identify User exits in our screen???
6.What do you mean by Inbound and Outbound interface???
7.In real time do we configure ALE systems or Administrator will take care of that??
8.How to release an object???
9.What is the flow of a Sales document???
10.What is the flow of Purchase order???
12.What is the flow of Invoice???
13.What are the standard IDOC's used???
14.What do you mean by table control???Where will we use this???
15.What are field symbols? Where will we use these symbols???

Questions faced in SAP interview:
1) What is runtime analysis? Have you used this?
2) What is meant by performance analysis? Have done anything to improve the performance?
3) How to transfer the objects? Have to transferred any objects?
4) How did you test the developed objects?
5) What is the difference between SAP Memory and ABAP Memory?
6) In order to upload Purchase order details, how you handle multiple values for a single field?
E.g.: Item field may contain no. of values for a record
7) What is the procedure you followed to upload the data?
8) How did you handle errors in Call Transaction?
9) Among the Call Transaction and Session Method, which is faster?
10) What are the difference between Interactive and Drill Down Reports?
11) How to pass the variables to forms?
12) How to create a link between modified form and modified print program?
13) What is the table, which contain the details of all the name of the programs and forms?
14) How did you test the form u developed? How did you taken print?
15) What are Standard Texts?
16) What is the difference between Clustered Tables and Pooled Tables?
17) What is pf-status?
18) Among "Move" and "Move Corresponding", which is efficient one?
19) What are the output type and Tcodes?
20) Where we use Chain and Endchain?
21) Do you use select statement in loop endloop, how will be the performance? To improve the performance?
22) In select-options, how to get the default values as current month first date and last date by default?
E.g.: 1/12/2004 and 31/12/2004

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