Ab Initio Data Warehousing Interview Questions and Answers

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Ab Initio Data Interview Questions and Answers.

Explain how do you find whether a SQL query is using the indices you applied?
Answer : We can extract the Explain plan which can be reviewed to check the execution plan of the query. This would tell us if the expected indexes are used or not.

How does MAXCORE works in Ab Initio?
Answer : Maxcore is a value (it will be in Kb).Whenever a component is executed in Ab Initio, it will take that much memory that we have specified for execution in MAXCORE.

Explain how do you create repository in Ab Initio for a stand alone system?
Answer : When you are trying to install the Ab -Initio on stand alone machine (LOCAL NT) , it is not necessary to create the repository , While installing the software, it automatically creates for the user which can be found under AbInitio directory

Explain how can you convert 4-way MFS to 8-way MFS in Ab Initio?
Answer : In oredr to convert 4-way MFS to 8-way MFS partition, we need to change the layout in the partitioning component. For this, there will be separate parameters for each and every type of partitioning

The most appropriate parameter is need to be selected in the component layout to be used for this type of partitioning.

Explain what is the difference between a clustered and non-clustered index and why do you use a clustered index? What do you mean by an outer join?
Answer : A clustered index is a special type of index that reorders the way records in the table are physically stored. Therefore a table can have only one clustered index. It is generally faster to read from a clustered index if you want to get back all the columns.

A non-clustered index is a special type of index in which the logical order of the index does not match the physical stored order of the rows on disk. The leaf node of a nonclustered index does not consist of the data pages. With a non clustered index there is a second list that has pointers to the physical rows.

An outer join is used when one wants to select all the records from a port - whether it has satisfied the join criteria or not.

Explain about Partition by load balance in Ab initio
Answer : Partition with Load Balance is meant for distributing data records to its output flow partitions by writing more records to the flow partitions that consume records faster.

It reads records in arbitrary order from the flows connected to its in port and distributes those records among the flows connected to its out port by sending more records to the flows that consume records faster
Partition with Load Balance writes data records until each flow's output buffer fills up.
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