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Interview Questions And Answers about Business intelligence ,Business Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers asked in top companies like IBM,HP,Wipro,Infosys

Question: From where you Get the Logical Query of your Request?
Answer: The logical SQL generated by the server can be viewed in BI Answers. If I have not understood the question, Please raise your voice.

Question: Major Challenges You Faced While Creating the RPD?
Answer: Every now and then there are problems with the database connections but the problem while creating the repository RPD files comes with complex schemas made on OLTP systems consisting of lot of joins and checking the results. Th type of join made need to be checked. By default it is inner join but sometimes the requirement demands other types of joins. There are lot of problems with the date formats also.

Question: What are Global Filter and how thery differ From Column Filter?
Answer: Column filter- simply a filter applied on a column which we can use to restrict our column values while pulling the data or in charts to see the related content.
Global filter- Not sure. I understand this filter will have impact on across the application but I really dont understand where and how it can be user. I heard of global variables but not global filters.

How to make the Delivery Profilers Work?

When we are Use SA System how Does SA Server understand that It needs to use it For Getting
the User Profile information?

Where to Configure the Scheduler?
Answer: We configure the OBIEE schedular in database.

Question: How to hide Certain Columns From a User?
Answer: Application access level security- Do not add the column in the report, Do not add the column in the presentation layer.

Question:How can we Enable Drills in a Given Column Data?
Answer: To enable Drill down for a column, it should be included in the hirarchy in OBIEE. Hyperion IR has a drill anywhere feature where dont have to define and can drill to any available column.

Question: Is Drill Down Possible without the attribute being a Part of a Hierarchical Dimension?
Answer: No

Question: How do u Conditional Format.?
Answer: while creating a chat in BI Answers, you can define the conditions and can apply colour formatting.

Question: What is Guided Navigation?
Answer: I think it is just the arrangement of hyperlinks to guide the user to navigate between the reports to do the analysis.

How is Webcat File Deployed Across Environment?

Question: How the users Created Differs From RPD/Answers/Dashboards Level?
Answer: RPD users can do administrator tasks like adding new data source, create hirarchies, change column names where as Answers users may create new charts, edit those charts and Dashboard users may only view and analyse the dashboard or can edit dashboard by adding/removing charts objects.

Question: Online/Offline Mode how it Impact in Dev and Delpoyment?
Answer: Online Mode- You can make changes in the RPD file and push in changes which will be immediately visible to the users who are already connected. This feature we may use in production environment.
Offline mode- can be useful in test or development environment.

Questions: Explan me the Schema in Your Last Project?

DB What happens if u Reconcile/Sync Both?
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