Interview Questions to Access Candidate's Inner Qualities

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Interview Questions to access Candidate's True qualities and qualifications.

We would like to more about your stamina?
Answer :  The question is not about physical stamina, although it is also very important. In companies that requires you to be physically fit, the workload can grind people down. However, in work, the most demanding is the stamina to continue with the work under stressful situations.

At times conflict arises on your team, how do you handle such things?
Answer :  You can best answer this question  by presenting a situation where your convincing skills helped to overcome the crisis. Its better to have in stock such a situation ready so that you can easily answer when it is asked.

How hard have you been working lately in your company?
Answer : There are cases when the most industrious and hardworking employees will be sitting idle if there is such a situation that not much work is there. Having said that, don't present that picture that you have been idle in the past. Instead speaks enthusiastically about being engaged in challenging projects where you worked really hard and delivered work withing strict timelines.

How good are you at handling change?
Answer : This is a very common interview question, so you must be prepared with an answer beforehand. You can say that in today's world its very important to be flexible and adapt to new circumstances and environments. For IT/Software professionals, just be prepared with some instances as things change very quickly.

Can you tell us how do you stay current and updated?
Answer : Most candidates will be ready for it as this is a very common interview question. The technology is changing so rapidly mostly in IT/Software that all of your past experience will not count if you are not updated with the newest product and technologies.

What have the last few years in your professional life taught you?
Answer : For those who have worked in Software and IT companies for sometime have had some serious ups and downs. Also, many had seen the recession of 2000 and 2008. This questions is asked to find out what the candidate has learned through the periods of explosive growth as well as through the downturns, at the time of recession how did they respond to tight budgets.

Explain what is the toughest thing you’ve had to do in your professional life?
Answer : Keep one instance ready. You can mention some technical achievement in your project or discusses something more related to management instead. Keep it short and precise.

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