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Business Intelligence Question Answers for Interviews,BI Interview Questions and Answers

Question:How you generally Approach to ur Analytics Project?
Answer: Any project should start from defining the scope of the project and the approach
should be not to deviate from the scope.
Then the project should be functionally divided into smaller modules generally done by
project managers along with technical and functional leads.
The functional leads then decide on majorly three things:

1. According to the defined scope of the project they start gathering requirements while
interacting with the clients.
2. They had a discussion with the technical leads and try to reach a solution.
3. Technical leads decides what schemas to create and what requirements are going to
fulfill by that schema.
Technical leads discuss all this with the developers and try to close requirements.
Simultaneously testing and deployment is planned in a phased manner.

Question: How we are going to decide which schema we are going to implement in the data warehouse?
Answer: One way is what is mentioned in Question above.
If you ask me to blindly create schemas for the warehouse without knowing any requirements,
I will simply first divide the schemas on the basis of functional areas of an Organisation
which are similar to the modules in an ERP like sales, finance, purchase, inventory,
production, HR etc.
I will broadly describe the expected analysis an organisation would like to do in every
module. I think this way you would be able to complete at least 40-50 % of the
requirements. To move ahead, study the data and business and you can create few more

Question: What are the Challenges You Faced while making of Reports?
Answer: Making of an report has never been a difficult task. But problem comes when users
are reluctant to adopt a new system. I have experienced that if you are not able to create
the report in exactly the way they used to see, they will keep asking for the changes. Your
approach should be to first show them what they want to see and then add more information
in the report.

Question: What you will do when your Report is not Fetching Right Data?
Answer: this is the biggest problem in report creation and verification. There could be two
reasons for report not fetching the right data.
1. Mostly clients do not have correct data in their database and on top of that to correct
the results they make some changes at the report level to bring the desired result which
you may not e aware of while creating the reports. Clients try to match the data with their
existing reports and you never get the correct results. you try to discover the things and
at later stage come to know of all these problems and you are held responsible for this
delay. Hence always consult the SPOC(Single Point of Contact) and try to understand the
logic they have used to generate their reports.

2. If the database values are correct, there there could be a problem with the joins and
relations in the schema. You need to discover that analysing and digging deep into the

There are more questions which I will try to answer later.
The questions are very specific to OBIEE and I dont have much experience in that. Hence you may not agree to my answers, but wherever please post a comment and let me know too.

Question: How analytics Process Your Request When you Create your Requests.
Answer: If the Question means how does Oracle BI Analytics Server processes the user requests, the answer is- Oracle BI server converts the logical SQL submitted by the client into optimised physical SQL which is then sent to the backend database. Also in between it performs various tasks like converting the user operations like user selections to form a logical SQL, checking and verifying credentials, breaking the request into threads(as Oracle BI is a multi threaded server), processes the requests, manages the cached results, again converting the results received from the database into user presentable form etc.
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