Potential and Tricky HR Interview Questions Answers

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Collection of interview questions that can be asked in any Interview

Common Interview Questions

  1. Tell us what do you know about our company ? What is attractive about our company ?
  2. If we have to contact some of your team members in your current company, what kind of feedback they will provide ?
  3. Using work-related experiences as examples, what are your strengths and weaknesses? Can you explain us.
  4. What special skills can you add to our organization?
  5. Can you explain your current day-to-day activities include the number of users you support, people you interact with?
  6. List three things you have accomplished over the last few years that you are highly proud of.
  7. What are your salary requirements ? Are you happy with the salary in your current organization ?
  8. What made you to look for job in other companies ? Is it because of your own or because of the company constraints ?
  9. When would you be available to start working with our organization?
  10. What is your motivation? Were you demotivated in your work in the past? 
  11. What is the ideal position you are looking out now, and where do you see yourself in the next five years ?
  12. What is the best thing that you like about our company?
  13. Why are you leaving your present company? Are you satisfied with your current company?
  14. Will you like to take up a managerial role in our company in the near future. If yes, how will you prepare yourself ?
  15. Describe how do you go about troubleshooting in your project. Explain with one example.

Some Tricky HR Interview Questions that can surprise the job-seeker.

  1. In just five minutes, could you explain something to me that is complicated but you know well.
  2. If you are employed now, how do you manage time for interviews ?
  3. If the project that you are hired for ends after 2 months, would you be still interested in the job?
  4. In this 30 mins interview process, what surprised you so far ?
  5. Do you prefer hard work or smart work? What kind of a worker are you ?
  6. Is it better to be perfect and late, or good and on time? Which philosophy you stick to in your work ?
  7. If you get selected in our company today, and tomorrow you win a million dollars in a lottery, would you still work ?
  8. Will you resign from the job if you find a better opportunity in the next month?
  9. If there is a job cut across the company how confident are you that you will not get fired ?
  10. If you feel like complaining about your supervisor/manager what will you do ?

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