Siebel EIM Interview Questions and Answers

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Latest collection of Siebel EIM Interview Questions and Answers collected from job interviews.

What is mean by implicit primaries?
Answer : Implicit primary means the following
  • Allow EIM to implicitly set primaries. 
  • Use the external system does not know the primary. 
  • Sets the primary to be the child with the lowest ROW_ID. 
  • Mimics auto primary in the application.
How many type of Section in EIM (.ifb) files?
Answer : There are Two Types: 

A) Header Section and B) Process Section

What is .ifb? Mention its use?
Answer : The ‘ifb’ is a configuration file, which is used when EIM Component is running. It contains information such as user name, password, process and many other important parameters.

What is called an interface table and why we use interface table in EIM?
Answer : Interface table is a staging area for EIM process. Data from legacy is transferred to EIM table first using non-siebel process. For this, we need interface table in Siebel.

How do you import List of Values?
Answer : It depends on any Hierarchies, but using EIM_LST_OF_VAL (for EIM load) import parents first then children, otherwise you will receive failure message. COM objects can also be used to import the LOVs from a flat file to the application.

How will you find the particular interface table for a base table?
Answer : You need to do the following as below. This article discusses in detail about Siebel EIM Data Mapping

  • Go to Tools-> In Object Explorer select "Flat Tab".
  • And select EIM Table Mapping-> Query in OBLE in Destination Table (Base Table Name) and get the corresponding EIM Table Name in Parent EIM Interface Table.
How do you find the status of EIM process?
Answer : The status of EIM Process could be seen in IF_ROW_STAT column in EIM Interface table.

Name the Mandatory Columns for EIM Processing ?
Answer : The mandatory columns in EIM processing are listed below.


Will modifications to a BC affect an EIM import process?
Answer : The answer is No, Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) always works at the table level.
Data in the EIM table columns are imported directly into the base tables. Hence, any changes to the configuration of the BC will not affect the EIM process.

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