Siebel EIM Interview Questions Answers

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Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Interview Questions Answers, Siebel EIM Interview Questions Answers.

Why we need user key column mapping?
Answer : User key column mapping in interface tables are used to resolve ROW_ID s for base tables, maintaining referential integrity.

What is the relationship between base tables and interface tables?
Answer :  The relationship is cited below.
  • An interface tables may populate more than one base table.
  • A base table may be populated by more than one interface table.
What are the three important fields (mandatory columns) in interface tables?
  • IF_ROW_BATCH_NUM: Number to identify all records that should be processed in a batch.
  • ROW_ID: Unique number to identify the record in the batch.(Here is the not generated ROW_ID used on base tables).
  • IF_ROW_STAT: Non-Null character value which is reset during the run.
What is the use of EIM_T columns?
Answer : All interface tables having EIM_T columns used to hold temporary values and status during processing setup.

Can you use EIM to populate added extension columns to a base table?
Answer : Yes. But you must add extension columns to the appropriate interface table and map the extension columns to the base table.

Why we set trouble shooting flags?
Answer : Task parameters can override component level event logging to create additional information in the log.
Trace Flag = 1 à Record Processing steps.
Error Flags = 1 à Record details regarding failed rows.
SQL Trace Flags=8 à Record summary SQL.
Should only be done in test environment.
Dramatically impeds EIM Performance and generate large log files

How will you verify EIM task?
Answer : Verify EIM Task Using
  • Server Manager Logs
  • SQL against the EIM and the Base tables
  • Client Application to view data.
What is mean by explicit primaries?
Answer :
  • Use the primary flag to set explicit primaries through EIM
  • Use when the external system knows which child should be primary.
What is mean by implicit primaries?
  • Allow EIM to implicitly set primaries.
  • Use the external system does not know the primary.
  • Sets the primary to be the child with the lowest ROW_ID.
  • Mimics auto primary in the application.
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