HR Interview - What are your strengths and weaknesses

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Strengths and Weaknesses,Here are some aspects that you may put forward as being your strengths

Learning agility and effective personal communication skills
Most researches show that the single best predictor for who will perform well and succeed in a new job is the one who possesses learning agility(a quick learner) and the one who can adjust himself/herself to changes and new situations, such as a new workplace.
Also, effective interpersonal communication skill is one of the best personal traits.
Past performance or even experience, skills and intelligence are not as important as learning agility and communications skills. HR and recruiters are aware to these facts…

Self Motivated and Determined
To achieve success, one needs to be self motivated and determined to succeed. Without self motivation, it is quite possible that even the best of employees will languish in the company without achieving any success.

Success Oriented and Natural Leader
All companies search for an individual who has the drive within himself or herself. Frankly, the company would not have time to actually sit back and look out which of their employees has that next big idea, or which of the employees is not working according to their talents and resources. Therefore, it is best that a company have a self appointed mentor who keeps these things in mind and speaks about them at the appropriate time.
This characteristic is necessary for team leaders, supervisors, executive managers and project managers.

Team Player
No man is an island. And in today’s world, like never before, a person requires a group of people with whom to succeed. Therefore, being a team player in today’s world is almost as important as any academic degree.

This is one of the most common traits found in a successful boss as well as a successful employee. It is said that success is ninety percent hard work and ten percent thinking/brain activity. Any company would like to have a hard working employee. Therefore, you can speak about hard-work, dedication and commitment as your strengths.

Intelligence and Self Confidence
Being intelligent does not mean being the only person in the room who can drive a plane, but a person who has the simple logic and practical knowledge that goes with running a proper team.

Several interviewers will also ask whether you have any weaknesses. When it comes to weaknesses, make sure that you describe the weaknesses that are ambiguous enough to be 
converted into strengths.

Getting Nervous around people
Today, with the advent of the new work culture where a person seldom meets another and where the only time people speak to each other is during coffee breaks, there are some people who have become introverts.  This causes some people to become nervous about giving presentations and speeches.

Being a Debater
Some individuals are too passionate about work and require a reason for any change that is introduced in the company. Though this is good for the project and the product, it might rub some people the wrong way.

Going out of one’s Way
There are several people in organizations all over the world who take all kinds of work from their colleagues, whether it is their work or not. While these people are an asset to the company, they may create antagonism.

Lack of some skills
No person has all the requisite skills for the job profile. This is one of the greatest disadvantages that one has, because once a person starts earning, they find it difficult to go back to their learning ways.
Remember that these are just concepts and you should back up each of these strengths and weaknesses with an example
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  1. My strengths are that I am optimistic, punctual, health and cleanliness conscious person. I am hard working and always like to finish my work on time.

    My weakness is that I am sensitive and emotional by nature. But I have realised that some decisions need to be taken practically once you are a part of corporate world, so m trying to be more practical nowadays.

  2. My strenghts are ability to work hard and my flexility, with which I'm quite capable to cooperate and produce fruitful (desired) results in every favourable and unfavourable cpnditions.

    My weakness is that my communications skills are not up to mark, yet I'm trying my best to improve them and I will definately overcome this. Another thing is I usually establish new relations without knowing much about the person.

  3. My Strength is positve thinking, I can adapt easily to any situation and I ll learn quickly.

    My Weakness is if I involve in any work I wont come out of it until I finish my work.

  4. My strength is self confidence,easy adaptable in any environment,to maintain a leadership qualities.

  5. My greatest strength is my Optimist nature.I feel that my hardworking, self motivating and quick learning skills adds strengths to my personality.

    My weakness is that i can never compromise myself with half dedication or hard work.i want to 100% perfect.but i will never get disappointed until or unless i reach my goal with perfectness

  6. My Strength is, my Logic building over a problem, Positive approach, Dedication towards work, Adaptability to different situations, and confidence in work...

    My weakness was, i used to go in deep while explaining something to anybody, which tend to bore people around me.
    BUT, i realized the same when came across people with same attitude, so now trying to control myself over it

  7. my strengths are my friends, family members who motivate, support and guide me to do my job in a right manner time to time. and that time i play the role of a good listener, and do well as a expert. due to them i never frustrated in my life because i know they will stand for me if i will fall anytime. so never i frustrated and i am self confident that i will never fall down because i never let them down.

    now when i come to my weakness as a social person i can consider my family and friends as my weakness also because i cant live without them

  8. My strengths are a positive attitude, leadership qualities, and able to negotiate in a healthy manner with whomsoever I may meet.

    When coming to my weakness. I can say that perfection is my weakness, as I intend the people near me to be as perfect as I am

  9. Strengths.

    I am a good listener, flexible, can easily adopt to new atmosphere and learn new things very quickly, adjustable person.


    I don't get satisfied until the work is completely perfect, shyness but mingling with my friends during my college days I overcame that

  10. My stength is that "I am very interseted to learn deeply on which going to work ,I am very palnned before work starts and adapt to work under pressure if i interseted"

    My weakness is that, "get depressed whenever fail ,same as srength when i sucesses again

  11. My Strength is if anybody asks me any help, I will do it immediately if I can do that properly, and I am broadminded, also I can adapt to the current environment. I always want to be an unique personality wherever I m.

    To say about my weakness. I m sensitive. I cant accept my failures immediately it takes time to convince my self. So I always think not to commit any mistakes in my work

  12. My Strength: In the situation of my failure, I will turn my achievements and basically I will check my maturity level. It encourages me to get into next step of my success.

    My weakness: I will directly involve into any works I will not think before whether it is suitable for me or not. But, I will accept my results whatever happens. Because of my weakness I can know how other fields are very difficult to move and how I have to handle the situations.


  13. My Strength's are.

    *I can easily adopt to any new atmosphere and learn new things very quickly.

    *Positive attitude, Workaholic and adjustable person.

    *I believe in making things happen instead of waiting around for things to happen and I am not just saying to say but I honestly mean it!.

    Weakness: I easily trust on anyone easily but I am working on that one. (Hr will surely ask how are you working on your weakness?).

    *Earlier I use 2 believe wot I hear but now I believe wot I see that too after giving it some thought!

  14. My greatest strengths is my self Confidence. I have leadership quality. I have great communication skills, quick decision making and I able to work under Pressure. As a marketing guy I have good selling skills and convincing power. I can easily survive in any environment. I can work hard to achieve my targets in time. I am motivated, disciplined, and focused and am determined to get my job done well and on time.

    My weakness, I'm emotional but not emotional fool and I'm not satisfy with my work when there is little mistake

  15. I am a candid person, with positive attitude, having good comunication skills, I can prove myself in any type of environment, I am very emotional and I believe this is my weakness.

  16. Weakness?
    I'm always ready to learn new skills and adapt my methods to become better at what I do. If I become aware of a weakness in my knowledge base or in the way I perform my duties, I do my best to fill that gap whether through formal training, informal training, or directly from my colleagues.

    I'm well motivated, I've got a strong desire to succeed, and I'm always ready and willing to learn new information and skills



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