Preparation Tips for a Behavioral Interview

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How to succeed in a Behavioral Interview.

One of the most challenging thing for a job seeker is to prepare for a behavioral interview. We are presenting an article how to effectively prepare for a behavioral interview.
  1. The first and the most important thing is that you should be familiar with the job for which you are going to be interviewed. Please ensure that you go through the advertisement or job description to find out and identify exactly what is needed, which are the main personal attributes and behaviors which will be the key for the role. When you are going to appear for a client interview, it is always recommended that you do a comprehensive research the company profile as well as any external information you can extract from the internet.
  2. The second thing is to ensure that you make a note of two or three examples for each personal attributes that will best illustrate your skills and capability - you may want to bring these into the interview so that you can mention maximum of them when asked. Remember that different organizations may require different personal attributes, even for the same position and hence it is necessary you do a research of the company and prepare accordingly.
  3. Provide them a comprehensive idea about the variety of experiences you have which will demonstrate your skills, abilities and expertise. A good story can also combine your work experience with non-work experience. You can provide them professional work experience, some interesting personal life experiences or some social or other situation. Be very open, be expressive and honest as much as possible about each experience that you would share.
  4. Another good technique is others helping you out - that is use examples of quotes from your manager and customers, like "My manager gave me a good performance appraisal, he liked the way I stepped in a critical time to get the job done within time", "My client praised me for offering solutions that helped them generate better results".
  5. Finally, the most important thing is to present a confident picture of yourself throughout the interview.  Always remember that your job is to connect well with the interviewer not to impress them. It is good to rehearse answers loud in your home so that during the interview you can confidently answer. You can also try some breathing techniques which will boost confidence.

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