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What’s the need of soft coding LOV?
Ans: So that even if the display value for one of the LOVs are changed we need to change it and there is no need for recompilation of srf.

When would you use the Total function on list applet and what are the disadvantages?
Ans: Total is used to display the sum in a list applet for one or more list columns and it needs to be specifically configured. This can degrade the performance.

Where do you define the visibility applet and visibility modes?
Ans: In Object explore select View and set the properties for visibility applets.
Visibility Modes are defined in BCs.

Difference between a list and a form applet?
Ans: A form applet presents business component information in a data entry form layout.
A list applet allows simultaneous display of data from multiple records and presents business component information in a list table format with multicolumn layout with each record of data represented in a row.

How do you make a field conditionally required?
Ans: By using Field user property

How would you make a record read only?
Ans: Using BC Read-Only Field user property.

How would you display a red asterisk in front of a non – required field?
Ans: If the field is required in BC level and it is exposed in UI the asterisk will come automatically if non-required we need to give the name of JPG file in caption property of FORM applet controls.

How would you make a field conditionally read only?
Ans: Using Field Read Only Field user property

How would you display the number of child records field in a single parent record field?
Ans: By using the count function and for the MVL

Difference between predefaults and post defaults?
Ans: The Pre Default Value property of a field (Predefautls Value in the Object List Editor) automatically assigns a value to that field for a new record. The user can modify the field if it is displayed and not set to Read Only.
The Post Default Value property of a field assigns a value to a field before the record is written to the database, if one has not been entered by the user.

When would you use an Associate applet?
Ans: To relate data from two separate entities (many -2-many relationships)

Difference between search specifications and search expressions?
Ans:  SetSearchSpec sets the search specification for a particular field, whereas SetSearchExpr allows for the setting of an entire search expression on the business component.

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