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Latest Siebel Interview Question Answers  , Advanced Siebel Interview Question Answers

How would you make an MVG applet read only?
Ans: By checking the “No Update” property in MVG Field. If the base record is read only and we need to make the MVG applet read only, one has to use BC user property Parent Read Only Field in the MVG BC.

Is there a need of making the MVG field read only?
Ans: Yes, it can be made read only so that invalid data can not be entered and always the MVG applet is invoked to pick the record. 

How do you constraint an LOV?
Ans: Pick applet constraints are defined using the Constrain property in the Pick Map object type.

Why would you clone an application and what are the effects?
Ans: Recommendations for cloning an application
1. Customers should not need to copy the Siebel Applications. They should use the standard application (better to use the out-of-the-box object) and grant access to the views they want to use by responsibilities. They do not need to de-activate any objects.
2. Some side effects of copying the Siebel application:
– During the upgrade, they will not get the new features on the custom application or get the changes.
- Copying the application will increase the size of the database.
- The upgrade scripts that are provided are built to modify the standard applications (provided), so they won’t do anything on the custom application (Custom applications will not be upgraded).
- There is no ‘Upgrade Ancestor’ setting for Application.

Use of Set Profile Attribute and Get Profile Attribute?
Ans: This is one of the Product Manipulation Toolkit Business Service Methods.
It assigns values to attributes in a user profile.
This is one of the Product Manipulation Toolkit Business Service Methods.
It returns the value of the specified attribute of the user profile.

Use of show more button?
Ans: Clicking the show more or show less button in a form allows you to look at more or fewer fields; clicking the show more or show less button in a list allows you to look at more or fewer records, according to your needs.

How would you make an MVF required?
Ans: By using Siebel scripting. If there is a Primary Id specified by making that field required.

When would you use symbolic URL?
Ans: One can use symbolic URL to display external content in the Siebel user interface.

What are the different types of authentication and their use?
Ans: Siebel Systems has developed an open authentication architecture that integrates with a customer’s selected authentication infrastructure. Siebel Systems supports three primary types of authentication:
Native database authentication
For employee applications, Siebel Systems provides internal mechanisms for credential collection and verification. The default login form collects Siebel username and password credentials. The underlying security systems of the database verify users’ credentials. 

Security Adapters for External Authentication
For employee or customer applications, Siebel Systems includes a preconfigured security adapter interface to allow organizations to externalize credential verification. The interface connects to a security adapter, which contains the logic to validate credentials to a specific authentication service.
Siebel Systems customers can therefore verify user credentials with security standards such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI).

Web Single Sign-On
Siebel Systems offers customers the capability to enable a single login across multiple Web applications—also known as Web Single Sign-On (SSO). Siebel Systems provides a configurable mechanism for communicating with Web SSO infrastructures, identifying users, and logging users into Siebel applications.
With Web SSO, users are authenticated independently of Siebel applications, such as through a third-party authentication service, or through the Web server.

How would you create an LOV?
Ans: In Application Administration screen, go to LOV Explorer and create the LOV type first. Then on come List of Values in Application Administration and associate values for that LOV type.
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