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What kind of relationship exists between Position and Responsibilities?
It is a question that requires a subjective answer, and answer can vary from person to person.

Answer or Explanation
There is no direct relationship between Responsibility and Position.
The indirect relationship between Responsibility and Position is of Visibility. Both of them drive Visibility in Siebel.
  • Responsibility restricts access to particular view so that user cannot see those views.
  • Position restricts access to particular set of data.
So, as a result both are used to limit visibility of users of application.
After discussing with my friends and peers about this question I am getting a feeling that I am putting my hand in a bee nest but I think this could end up as a new learning to me and for all.
So guys I beg you to tell me your views what do you think about this question so that this post can become the new answer for all of us.

What will happen if I provide value in both Pre-Default and Post-Default properties?
We will assume the following values have been given for Pre-Default and Post-Default properties of Status Field
Pre-Default Value:  “In Process”
Post-Default Value:  “Complete”
Following are the scenarios which can take place:
User creates a New Record and saves the record without changing value of status field:
Pre-Default value (In Process) will be assigned to Status field.
User creates a New Record and changes the value of Status field to “Planning”
Pre-Default value is going to take effect as soon as user creates a new record but Post-Default value will not take effect. [Corrected as pointed by Gururaj]
User creates a New Record and changes the value of Status field to blank
Post Default Value (“Complete”) will take effect
User copies an existing record where value of status field is “Planning”
Neither Post-Default nor Pre-Default will take effect
User copies an existing record where value of status field is blank
Pre-Default (“In-Process”) Value will take effect
User copies an existing record  and makes the value of the field as blank
Post-Default Value (“Complete”) will take effect
User changes the value of existing record to blank and saves the record.
Neither Post-Default nor Pre-Default will take effect as these values only takes when the record is initially created and saved.

Siebel Workflow Step – Missing Query Operation
Had to create a workflow and the first step in the workflow was Query Operation on Opportunity BC. Drag the Siebel Operation Step into designer and then started entering Values for this step which were as following
Type: Siebel Operation
Business Component: Opportunity
Operation: Query
Query was missing in the Operation field dropdown and only Insert and Update were available.

Enter Query manually in the field it accepted the value but started giving error
“Error loading Step Definition: Query Operation not found”
(Not exact error message)

Drop down is a pick list in Siebel and picklist gets its values from List of Values. Queried with Insert in the Display Value in List of Values view and there was a LOV Type called “WF_SIEBEL_OPER_TYPE_CD” which had Insert and Update as active and “Query” was inactive.
After making “Query” record Active and restarting tools user should be able to execute my workflow successfully.

Note: Even if you provide LIC of this LOV in small case then also you will get the error. For this LOV Display value has to be in Camel Case and LIC in caps
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