SAP ABAP ALE interview questions

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SAP ALE IDocs Interview Questions Answers.

Explain in detail what is the meaning of Application Link Enabling?Application Link Enabling is the totality of business processes  and tools which can give the application programs the possibility to connect from different computers. The computer can be more than one or multiple SAP systems or they can be SAP as well as non SAP. In one SAP system, through one database multiple applications can be incorporated into it. For instance: sales, production, finances, people management, etc. 

The most important feature is that the business that ALE is providing can connect programs from various platforms. Many of the Application Link Enabling businesses are found in the SAP standard system, but with the help of some utilities and tools, we are able to modify the current processes of ALE businesses or insert completely new processes. Along with the normal business processes there are some very specific ALE services needed for configuring the distributed environment control, services that contain business object synchronization, distribution model or utilities for error management and monitoring. Since it is a component of the SAP Business Architecture, ALE allows the cooperation of the framework parts thereby acting as a connection for the Business Framework in  SAP.

Explain in detail what are the main features of ALE and how do we benefit from it ?Application Link Enabling is very important as it gives the companies the possibility to enhance the performance of their business and to get solutions for technical as well as management problems. therefore, we can split businesses allowing operations at local level in an very independent way. This splitting brings improved results to companies, and better than the results that they may get at a bigger scale when they are centralized. This is achieved as they are more flexible and this flexibility ensures the adaptation of the information systems to the change speed that we find in the markets now a days.

Because of distribution we gain a high freedom state, many companies that already have a good local management can make connections with the ALE businesses. There are virtual connections can be made and partnerships between different companies by using ALE.

Again since, integration is not the best solution for all issues because many of the programs that a company uses could not be compatible with a system when we talk about complementary software and legacy systems. Companies can use a different SAP industry solution or a particular solution to a country that can’t work on the same system. If these programs run on two or more separate systems, they can’t be connected with a central database but they will use ALE as an integration method. ALE can connect SAP Core Systems to CRM, APO or Business Information Warehouse.

ALE has the great advantage of a low upgrade cost, flexibility along with other reduced costs. When the entire system works on a single integrated system the entire system has to be upgraded even in the case when just company component requires an upgrade.

When there is a up-gradation process it has an impact on the whole company and for this to be made successful, the users must be instructed with the new version. By using a distributed software with separate single interfaces like ALE, we can allow upgrade only the part of a company that is necessary to be updated while keeping the remaining parts the same with no update or instructions. Hence the main advantage of this procedure is saving big amounts of money as well as protecting current investments of the company.
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