Siebel CRM Workflow Interview Question Answers

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Siebel Workflow Interview Questions Answers
1. How do you invoke WFs?
A: Run Time Events - specified at Start Step (Event Object, Event, Event Type), Scripting - Business
Service, Workflow Policies.

2. What are the steps in outbound WF?
A: Start – EAI Siebel Adapter – EAI XML Converter – HTTP or MQ Series or File Transport - Write to

3. How do you handle error handling in WFs?
A: Persistency, Exception points and write to file, Write a error handling workflow.

4. What is persistency? How is it useful?
A: To trouble shoot or debug the workflow in workflow process log by drilling down on, persistency
level and frequency it affects the performance- stores the state information.

5. What is State Model?
A: Provide a data driven method for extending workflow control based on the status SR Open -
Cancelled, you define the state model

6. What transport you used in the WFs?
A: HTTP, MQ Series, EAI File Transport

7. When do you use sub process in WF?

A: WF process is created at BO level, if we deal with multiple business objects.

8. What External systems did u interact with and with what middleware?
A:with Biz Talk (XML, MQ series)or See Beyond (uses ASP

pages)or TIBCO (Siebel Connector) middlewares.

9. Explain where did you use WF in your last project?
A: Claim Submission; to insert the data into Audit Table; write a business service Add Responsibility-
adding a responsibility to the new person logging in. -Retrieve role ( find the user role) - Add
responsibility (row id of the user and responsibility), user BC

10. Did you use custom BSs in WFs?
A: Yes, For changing Priorities.

11. Explain where did you have to create BS?
A: Tools

12. How do you pass inputs to BS?
A: Thru Input Arguments & Script.

13. What language you used to write BS?
A: eScript (or) Siebel VB

14. Did you use M:M relationship in your last project ?

A: Yes, for Position & Responsibility, Account & OPTY

15. How do you pass query criteria to BS from BC in BS
A: Search String (VBC - input.searchstring)

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