Sample Microsoft .NET Interview Question Answers

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Which namespace provides classes for Regular Expression?
System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace provides classes for Regular Expression

Which file sets the environment variables for Visual Studio?
The vsvars32.bat sets the environment variables for Visual Studio. You can find it from %Microsoft Visual Studio 2008\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat.

When you start the Visual Studio 2008 command prompt it automatically runs vsvars32.bat.

Which assembly is used for Mobile web application?

what namespace is used for the controls in a mobile web application?

what is Reflection?
Reflection is the feature in .Net, which enables us to get some information about object in runtime. That information contains data of the class. Also it can get the names of the methods that are inside the class and constructors of that object.

program should use the reflection derived from namespace System.Reflection .
using reflection can dynamically load assembly.

What are the elements inside an assembly?
A .NET assembly consists of the following elements,
A Win32 File Header
A CLR file header
CIL code
Type Metadata
An assembly manifest
Optional embedded resources

What is the namespace to use LINQ to XML?

What is the role of compiler?
Compiler translates a high level language into machine language.

Which namespace is used to create a multi-threaded application?

Why HashTable is used
It is a .NET class that allows an element to be accessed using a unique key. It is mainly used in database programming.

What is the base class for all .NET classes?

What is an Assembly in .NET?
When you compile an application, the MSIL code created is stored in an assembly.Assemblies include both executable application files(.exe files)& libraries(.dll extension)for use by other application.

In addition to containing MSIL,assemblies also include met information(i.e. information about the information contained in assembly,also called as meta-data)and optional resources(sound and picture file, etc).The meta information enables assemblies to be fully self-descriptive.You need no other information to use an assembly,meaning you avoid situations such as failing to odd required data to the system registry and so on,which was often a problem when developing with other platforms.
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