Siebel CRM EAI Interview Questions Answers

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Siebel CRM EAI Interview Questions Answers asked in top companies
1)      COM Data server  provides access to Siebel database through
a)      ActiveX controls
b)     .DLL and .TLB files
c)      Proxy classes
d)     Application instance
2)      If the data volumes are very large and the frequency of changes to the data is very high then you are most likely to use data replication integration strategy.
a)      True
b)     False
3)      EAI Siebel Wizard is used to create which of the following objects?
a)      Internal Integration Object
b)      External Integration Object
c)      Interface Integration Object
d)     Siebel Business Object
4)      Synchronize Method is a part of which Business service?
a)      EAI XML Converter
b)     EAI Siebel Adapter
c)      XML Hierarchy Converter
d)     EAI File Transport
5)      Which Business service converts data from one encoding to another?
a)      EAI MIME Hierarchy Converter
b)      XML Hierarchy converter
c)      Transcode
d)     IntObjHierToXMLDoc
6)      EAI XML Write to File combines the functionality of which two business services? Choose two.
a)      XML Hierarchy converter
b)     EAI XML Converter
c)      EAI XML Read from File
d)     EAI File Transport
7)      Integration Workflow if invoked through declarative call, cannot execute asynchronously.
a)      True
b)     False
8)      Enterprise wide groupings of parameters that specify how the target application responds to inbound messages are called ______________.
a)      Enterprise server parameters
b)      Enterprise System Names
c)      Named Subsystems
d)     Named Enterprise systems
9)      All incoming EAI requests are handled by _________________
a)      Siebel Server
b)      EAI.cfg
c)      EAI object manager
d)     Siebel object manager
10)  Incase where Integration component field values differ between source and target application, you would use ________________________
a)      EAI value maps
b)      EAI data transformation engine
c)      Data mapper tool
d)     Auto mapper engine
11)  A business service that routes the messages based on their content is called _____________
a)      EAI Dispatch service
b)      EAI routing service
c)      EAI HTTP transport
d)     EAI XML converter
12)  The receiver component in an EAI Queue-based transport uses which two named subsystems? Choose two.
a)      Receiver service subsystem
b)     Receiver Data Handling subsystem
c)      Receiver Connection Subsystem
d)     Receiver Queue subsystem
13)  Which of the following are the benefits of ASI? Choose two.
a)      Are transport independent
b)      Uses data synchronization services
c)      Provides predefined integration interfaces
d)     Provide implicit mapping
14)  While creating web services, it is mandatory to specify the URL to be used by the client to access the web service.
a)      True
b)      False
15)  Reuse of business logic in an external application without reimplementing it is possible in case of data replication strategy.
a)      True
b)     False
16)  External business component derives data from ___________________
a)      EIM tables
b)      Interface tables
c)      External tables
d)     Staging tables
17)  Virtual business component cannot refer ____________________
a)      Spreadsheets
b)      Flat files
c)      External relational table
d)     Table object definition in Siebel repository
18)  Universal Application Network uses _______________ as an intermediary between source and target transformations.
a)      Common objects
b)      Web services
c)      Integration server objects
d)     Business Integration solutions
19)  Application Objects are used during _______________. Choose two.
a)      Integration flow
b)     Source Adapter flow
c)      Source Transformation flow
d)     Source Integration flow
20)  In Hub and spoke architecture, a spoke corresponds to _______________
a)      Integration flow + Adapter flow
b)      Source Adapter flow +  Target Adapter flow
c)      Adapter flow + Transformation flow
d)     Target transformation flow + Source Transformation flow
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