Advanced Siebel Interview Questions and Answers

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Siebel Interview Questions and Answers based on Real Time Scenarios

How to send an email using siebel application other than using F9 functional Key?
Using Out Bound Communication Manager BS

Suppose there is a search spec on BC, and Applet both. Explain the execution of this scenario.
BC and Applet search specs get appended (ANDED). 1st based on BC search spec, records will be fetched from the db and available at applet level. Then the applet search spec will be applied on this data set and sub set of this will be visible in UI.

Ex:-- Let’s say in account BC the search spec is [Status] =’Active’ and on applet the search spec is [Country]=’USA’. So when will go to account screen will see records where [Status]=Active and [Country]=’USA’

Suppose there is different search spec on List and Form Applet in List View. What will happen when I navigate to that view?
The form applet search spec will be retained because form applet gets loaded later.

Explain when we use the following scenarios: Base table having extension columns Extension table having extension columns which one do you prefer? Explain
To fetch data from the extension table needs an extra join. So if the field is readily accessed in UI, it is better to extend the base table. If it is seldom used, extend the extension table.

What is the use of catch in script?
If you want to do some operation after the exception has occurred, it can be done in Catch block.

Can you create an extension table with an intersection table?
Yes(1:1 is possible but 1:M is not possible)

How will you edit the joined fields’ values in join?
By associating a picklist in the joined field

What is seed data in Siebel?
Initial set of user and admin data examples, responsibilities, SADMIN account.

What is repository data?
Object definitions that specify the application look, behavior

what does install.ksh and imprep.ksh files do?
Install.ksh – It populates seed data. Imprep.ksh – It populates repository data.

Is it required to install gateway server before installing a Siebel server?

What is Siebel file system?
It is a shared directory used to store compressed files, attachments.

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