Accenture Siebel CRM Job Interview Questions and Answers

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Accenture Siebel Interview Questions and Answers.

1.  Getattribute("Me.Country") = "USA"
Ans - Checks if the users country is USA

2.  ROW_ID of Table A is 111
ROW_ID of Table B is 2222
In Table B Foreign key of Table A is Stored .What is the Value
ANS - 111

3.  What is the logical Extension table of S_ORG_EXT

4.  What is relation between Service Request and Action
ANS- 1: M

5.    When Web Server Recognizes SWE Tag it passes Control to
(Siebel Server was not given in the options .So Selected SWSE)

6.  Which cannot be done by WorkFlow Simulator
ANS - It cannot have the user Interact Step and wait for user Action

7.   What is Logical Database Structure represented
ANS - DATA Object Definition

8.   DatObject Layer Contains
ANS - Tables & Columns

9.   A Collection of related lists and forms represents functional business Area

10.   What Does a SWE Do after a Template is Created
ANS - Passes Page to Browser Via Web Server & SWSE

11.   Which is not True Regarding Catalogs and Categories
ANS - Catalog is a Node and There are Sub Catalogs in Catalogs

12.  German opportunity assigned to German Sales Rep
ANS - Compare Object to Person

13.  SWE Replaces Siebel tags with Repository Data

14.   Collection of BC

15.   Which is not a valid task while Installing DB
ANS - Running Database scripts to create DB Schema

16.   What is Authentication?
ANS - Validates the User & Controlled Inside and outside of Siebel

17.  When a Siebel Server is moved from one server to other how is cfg updated in mobile Client
Ans - Automatically updated when Client Synchronizes for the first time

18.  How do u see the Clients last Synchronization Session
Ans - Siebel Remote Administration > Client Status

19.  How do you register a Mobile Client
Ans - Siebel Remote Administration > Mobile Client

20.  Where is Application Object Definitions stored
Ans - SRF

21.   Which Applet Displays Singe Record

22.   What does %printer% in EIM task do
Ans - Delete all records that includes Printer

23.   Relation between two tables is referred?
Ans - Foreign Key

24.   Show Drop Down
Ans - Subset of Data

25.   How can a activity be automatically assigned to a sales rep once it is created
Ans - Interactive Assignment

26.   Who can Delete, Merge & Forecast
Ans - Primary

27.   What is the advantage of primary ID field in an MVG
ANS - Uses a single query to get the parent Record and primary in the child record

28.   What is false about compare objects
Ans- Double Click to compare & Creates a comparison report

29.  How did you See online help for full list of Keyboard Shortcuts
Ans - Help > Contents > Index and Click on K Hyperlink

30.  Whats is true about Sorting
Ans - It is in ascending order by default

31.  What does Transaction router do
Ans - It moves data from Txn_Proc Directory to Docking/user/outbox

32.  Where is the changes of rows in Server Stored

33.  What does Checkin Do
UnLocks on Server & Unlocks in Client
Replaces old versions of Object definitions with New Versions

34.   Represents a current or potential Client, a business partner is a competitor
Ans - Account

35.  Siebel Mid Market Edition
Ans - Designed for companies less than 100 users
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