Cap Gemini Siebel CRM Interview Question and Answers

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1 Siebel Implementation in a Big Organization Requires
Ans - Single Gateway Server, Multiple Siebel Server ,Multiple Database Server, Web Server

2 How do you Inspect Installation of SWSE
Ans - Inspect the Virtual Directory from IIS

3 Which are Not Valid Task For setting up mobile Client
Ans - Initializing Server Database

4 What are not the Methods to configure Siebel Application
Ans - Modify Siebel.exe & Directly Write Sql

5 An Update Conflict occurs While Synchronizing with Server and the Data provided by the mobile Client is updated
Ans - Client Wins

6 which is not a valid Pre Installation Task
Ans - Creating the Siebel Database Owner

7 What is the Component Group for WorkFlow that should be Enabled
Ans - Workflow Management

8 True About Views & Data Access Control
Ans - They are Independent of Each other

9 How do you assign users to responsibility
Ans -Application Administration > Responsibilities
User Administration > Employees

10 Set Organization Flag to make a Organization a Division (True or False)
Ans - False ( Caution - we only Set organization flag to set a division as Organization)

11 Name Displayed in Show Drop Down & View Bar
Ans - Screen > Screen View >View Bar text

12 Viewing Parent Child Object defining in Tools
Ans - Use Types Tab

13 Properties for creating a 1 to many Link
Ans - Parent Business Component, Child business Component, Source Field, Destination Field

14 Suffix of Foreign Key
Ans - _ID

15 workFlow Step to Map to another WorkFlow Process
Ans - Sub Process

16 Monitoring a customer Action
Ans - Action Set

17 When does a mobile Client Initialize
When local Dbf Not Found & When a uaf is found in docking user while Synchronizing

18 Which Tag specify the formatting and layout
HTML tag

19 Propagating Database Changes
Check Project into Server
Apply DB Changes to Server
Compile and Test on Server
Reextract Developers and have them get all Projects

20 Static PickList
Can be Bounded or unbounded
Copies Selected value into destination Field

21 What Does BusComp View Mode Definition Specify
Ans - Specifies business Component is subject to Access Control

22 Access Control Mechanism is based by setting which of the following view properties
Ans - Visibility Applet
Visibility Applet Type

22 True about eBusiness Enterprise
Ans -
An Integrated Product Suite
Built on common architecture

23 What type of Application is Siebel call Center
Ans - Employee Application

24 How do you change the interchange the order Contacts and Accounts Screen Tabs
Ans - Application > Page Tab and interchange Sequence for Account and Contact

25 When do you Create a New Business Component
Ans - When you have created a New Extension Table
When you want to Display as a parent applet and child applet in Same view and Data to be populated in both applet is from the same table

26 What is Applet Class for Form Applet
Ans – CSSFrame
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