Commands to stop the Siebel Gateway Name Server

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Stop the Siebel Gateway Name Server in Unix/Linux.

To stop the Gateway server:
/opt/siebel/siebsrvr $cd /opt/siebel/gtwysrvr
/opt/siebel/gtwysrvr $. ./
/opt/siebel/gtwysrvr $stop_ns

The Gateway server on unix has not been shut down even during scheduled outages. This command should only be fired during a patch on the box or any other production emergency that needs a box reboot.. Confirm that the Siebel Server is first bought down before shutting down the gateway service.

To Start the Gateway server:
/opt/siebel/siebsrvr $cd /opt/siebel/gtwysrvr
/opt/siebel/gtwysrvr $. ./
/opt/siebel/gtwysrvr $start_ns

This command should be fired if the ps response for Gateway returns negative
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