Enable SSL in Siebel client web browsers

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How to enable SSL in Siebel.

How do you enable secure socket layer (SSL) communications between client web browsers and the Siebel Web Server (SWSE) in Siebel 8?

Important: This article only addresses how to enable SSL between the client web browsers and the SWSE server. There are other places in the Siebel implementation where SSL can be enabled including:
  • Between the SWSE Server and Siebel Application Servers
  • Between the multiple Siebel Application Servers
  • Between the Siebel Application Servers and the database server (depending on platform)
  • Between the Siebel Application Servers and external security directories such as LDAP or ADSI
If you are trying to enable SSL for one of these types of connections, do NOT follow this article. Instead refer to appropriate documentation.

To enable SSL communications between the client web browser and the Siebel Web Server in Siebel 8 there are two sets of tasks you need to do.

1. Set Up Your Web Server to Use SSL
  • Obtain a SSL server certificate from a certification authority (CA).
  • Install the SSL server certificate on your web server(s) following the web server vendor (IIS, Apache, etc.) instructions for doing this.
  • Enable the web server to use SSL. Again, please follow the documentation for your specific web server.
  • Set the virtual directory or directories (for example /sales_enu) you want to use SSL with to require secure connections. Please follow the vendor web server documentation for instructions on how to do this.
2. Configure the application object manager (AOM) in Siebel to use SSL

To do this follow the steps outlined in Chapter 8 of the Siebel 8 Security Guide. In short, you will set the SecureLogin and SecureBrowse parameters to TRUE for any AOMs that you want to use this type of SSL with. No changes are required elsewhere in Siebel or in the eapps.cfg file.

After making these changes you should stop and restart the Siebel Server service(s).
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