Increase the logging for debugging Task Based UI in Siebel

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How to increase the logging for debugging Task Based UI.

On some occasions you may want to increase Siebel Component Event Logging to help diagnose a behavior or gather more detailed information in Task based UI.

There are specific events available to track details about the task execution in the log file.

If you are using dedicated client, You can set the log level for Siebel thick clients by setting the environment variable SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS. For example, to set the logging level for TskNav and TskExec to 3 and the level for StpExec and TskPresInfo to 4, execute the following command (in a command prompt):
Set SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS = TskNav =3, TskExec=3, StpExec=4, TskPresInfo=4

  • Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Environment Tab.
  • In the User Variables list, click the Variable box and replace the Variable field's name with SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS.
  • Replace the Value field's content with TskNav =3, TskExec=3, StpExec=4, TskPresInfo=4
  • Click Set and the newly added environment variable will be displayed in the User Variables list.
  • Launch the Siebel client application and the new setting will become effective.
Client side trace files are always stored in the \log directory and the file name object manager log file or Siebel.log file.

If you are using a thin client connected to the Siebel server (Server-Side Logging)

  • From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Server Configuration > Servers > Components > Events.
  • In the Components applet, choose the component for which you want to generate tracing (Call Center Object Manager, Custom Application Object Manager).
The log event reports different operations during execution of a task and prints certain data structure for analysis
  • Workflow Definition Loading - 3 or 5
  • Task Execution - 3 or 5
  • Task Navigation - 3 , 4, or 5
  • Workflow Process Execution - 4
  • Workflow Step Execution - 4
  • Task Presentation Information - 4 
For additional troubleshooting of the Object Manager Shadow Store, you can increase the tracing level for the following events:
Task UI Object Manager Log
Task UI Conflict Log
Task UI Union Sql Log For more information on the different Log Level values available for Component Event Configuration, see the Siebel System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide.

Example of a log file:
The following is an example of a log file with TskExec, TskNav, and TskPresInfo log events enabled.
TskExec TskState 3 0000000243fc1350:0 2006-02-22 23:49:49 Task state transition changes : Action invoked: 'Navigate', Current State: 'Navigate', Next State: 'Navigate'.
TskNav Oper 3 0000000243fc1350:0 2006-02-22 23:49:49 Task engine requested to navigate to next view.
TskNav Oper 3 0000000243fc1350:0 2006-02-22 23:49:49 Task engine requested to navigate to next step: 'Task View 1'.
TskNav PathChange 3 0000000243fc1350:0 2006-02-22 23:49:49 Pushing frame to stack : '1*05*Start0*1*00*'.
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