Accenture Siebel Interview Questions

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Siebel interview questions asked in Accenture

Dear Readers. We have listed more than 40 questions collected from Siebel Interviews in Accenture. Please feel free to use the comment section for the answers so that it helps the others.
  1. If a created view cannot be seen in the application, what can be the possible reasons for it?
  2. Explain what are the basic entities in Siebel?
  3. Explain with a diagram the basic Application Architecture of Siebel 8.1 ?
  4. What are the different ways to save a record in Siebel?
  5. Why there are joins to s_party extensions?
  6. You want to change the fonts in your Siebel Application. From where you can do that?
  7. EIM status is partially imported. What does this mean?
  8. In a view\’s web layout, you cannot choose a specific applet. Why?
  9. What are the businesses external to your company?
  10. What is the best practice to populate default values during EIM data load?
  11. What is a visibility rule in Siebel? How will it be controlled from the Application level.
  12. What is the difference between High Interactivity client and Standard Interactivity  client?
  13. You have added a new column to list applet but you cant see it in the application. Can you tell the reason why?
  14. You want to use "attrib_40" column in S_OPTY_X. How you can be sure that it is not used?
  15. For a required field, there does not exist legacy data. What we should do?
  16. Can you tell me in which files the ”SWE” tag is included?
  17. What are the candidates for assignment? Explain the Assignment Manager in brief. 
  18. What is customer data. Where is it stored?
  19. Where the enterprise profile file is located? In which environment?
  20. You created a new view but you cannot see it. What can be the reasons?
  21. Should SQL be applied to EIM tables?
  22. What is database authentication. How it is performed. Explain?
  23. Where the information is stored for the contacts?
  24. You created a task but cannot see it when you login to the application. What can be the possible issues?
  25. How can a user see contacts screen before accounts screen?
  26. Explain the State model in Siebel.
  27. What are the score candidates? Explain how score candidates help in Assignment.
  28. What are the required architectural components for a Siebel deployment to run properly?
  29. What is master data? Where is master data stored and how it helps in the data model in Siebel.
  30. Which authentication method(s) support user self management?
  31. You created a workflow policy but you cannot see any record in S_ESCL_REQ table. What can be the issue.
  32. How can be visibility defined for business components?
  33. We added a new field to a view and want it to be always a positive number and not null..
  34. What is the base table for contacts in Siebel? How it is related to the party table? 
  35. What is the Application Behavior While Creating a List Applet ?
  36. Which environments I can use to export and activate a workflow?
  37. You deploy a user list, then added more users. What happens if you restore enterprise?
  38. How can you query an MVG Field in Siebel?
  39. We want to show a new field in a view, describe the configuration strategy..
  40. What are the sets of parameters that may be used by multiple components?
  41. Can you tell us which objects should be created after task creation?


  1. Hello Team,

    Thanks for sharing these loads of Interview Questions. But it would be great if you provide us the answers of these question because for some of the questions we are unable to find the exact answers.


  2. Thanks. We will be publishing the answers shortly in a new post itself

    1. Hello Admin..Can i get the answers for the above list of questions



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