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Siebel Actuate Reports Question Answers.

What is Report Encyclopedia?
Answer : 
  • A shared repository which consists of the complete set of report executables and the user folders.
  • Contains report items , access privileges , and request queues
What is Actuate e.Reporting Server ?
Answer : 

  • Is a set of processes to queue , generate , and host report documents
  • Generates and manages live report documents using the Actuate Management Console
  • Provides ability to distribute report designs and components
  • Provides report scheduling , printing , and notification 
What is Actuate Management Console ?
Answer : 

  • Is a management tool for the Reports server
  • Provides the ability to manage : One or more Actuate e.Reporting servers, User Accounts, Security and privileges and Report Encyclopedia.
What is Actuate Active Portal ? 
Answer : 
  • Provides ability to access and work with reports through a supported Web browser : Using JavaScript and Java Server Page(JSP) tags.
  • Provides the user authentication between the Siebel application and the Reports Server.
What is Siebel Report Server Access ?
Answer : 
  • Is a Siebel Integration Component used by the Actuate e.Reporting Server to communicate with the Siebel Server
  • Includes : Siebel Report executables, Siebel Active Portal templates, Other Application-specific library files.
  • Imports report executables files into the Report Encyclopedia
What is Actuate e.Report Designer Professional ?
Answer : 

  • Is a report writer application that builds report designs and reusable components
  • Is used by developers to design and build reports
  • Supports Actuate Basic Programming
What is Actuate e.Report Designer ?
Answer : 

  • Is a graphical user interface that provides the ability to design and build reports : Simplified version of Actuate e.Reporting Designer Professional
  • Used to develop reports where no Actuate Basic Programming is required
What is Access base DB Name Property in Actuate ? 
Answer : For Actuate reports, this is the name of the executable file (without the ROX extension) that the Siebel application will run when the report is selected.

What is Template Name Property in Actuate?
Answer : This is the name of the data supply library generated in Siebel Tools (without the ROL extension) that supplies information to Actuate about the report.

What is .BAS File in Actuate ?
Answer : 

  • BAS stands for Basic Source
  • Contains Actuate Basic Source code
  • Used to implement reusable Actuate Basic routines for inclusion in report designs.
What is .ROD File in Actuate ?
Answer : 

  • ROD Stands for Report Object Library
  • Report Layout file – contains a report design
What is .ROI File in Actuate ? 
Answer : 
  • ROI Stands for Report Object Instance
  • Contains the viewable report
What is .ROL File in Actuate ?
Answer : 

  • ROL Stands for Report Object Library
  • Library file that contains reusable components that can be added to a report object design(ROD) file
What is .ROP File in Actuate ?
Answer : 
  • ROP Stands for Report Object Parameter
  • Contains a list of report parameters used by an open server report
What is .ROV File in Actuate ? 
Answer : 
  • ROV Stands for Report Object Value
  • Contains a report request’s parameter definitions and values
What is .ROW File in Actuate ? 
Answer : 
  • ROW Stands for Report Object Web
  • Structured storage file that contains bitmap , graphics, HTML information , and other information needed for a report.
What is .ROX File in Actuate ?
Answer : 

  • ROX Stands for Report Object Executable
  • An executable report – a compiled report file
What are Parameterized Reports ?
Answer : 
Parameterized reports allow users to pass data into a report executable at runtime and customize the output of that report. The user may narrow the query, sort specification, or grouping by a field at the report's execution time. A parameterized report can produce different reports from the same report executable.
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