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I have collected some Siebel ADM Question Answers asked in top companies like IBM, Accenture and TCS

Q1 Is ADM functionality available to all Siebel applications? or does require a saperate license?

A1– Yes, ADM supports all Siebel applications. It’s part of Siebel CRM Enterprise package. No extra license is needed.

Q2 Does it support only http?
A2 – In 7.7 and 7.8, ADM supports HTTP online deployment, file export/import and command-line deployment. In 8.x, a new deployment method is added to support deployment through Siebel Management Server. All supported methods are documented in ADM Bookshelf.

Q3. Can we use ADM for dev2prod process?
A3 – Dev2prod is used to migrate full repository. ADM is used to migrate small delta changes of configuration. They are complimentary one another. Refer to Chapter 7 “Guidelines for Deploying Siebel ADM”.

Q4. Where do we supply the username of the target env? There is only prompt for the password for the target env. Please Explain
A4 – When you kick off the online deployment session through ADM UI, user will be prompted for the password of target environment.

Q5: Is it mandatory to have EAI Object manager available on Target System while running the ADM through command line interface?
A5 – In 7.7 and 7.8, EAI Object Manager is required for ADM online deployment. Server Manager is used for command-line deployment. In 8.x where Management Server is used, ADM server components including ADM Object Manager need to be up and running for ADM deployment.

Q6. How do we modify existing package for new changes?
A6 – We do not recommend modifying existing package once it is created. If a change is needed, re-export the chanded data and files from source environment, then run Packager utility to create a new package. Make sure to validate the packager before deployment.

Q7. What happens if there is error in executing a package? Will it rollback the complete package?
A7 – Yes. Package deployment is all or nothing, either complete or rollback as an entire entity.

Q8. Can you please provide the data types that ADM cannot be used ?
A8 – We only provide a list of data types that are supported out of the box. Refer to ADM Bookshelf. In general users can register their own data types as custom data types to Management Server. But in rare cases like product configuration model, due to the complexity of data structure, it might be challenging to construct certain custom data types properly.

Q9. Can we add our own data types? Is it complex? I have heard that we can modify ADM registry file. How is adding custom data-types in 'ADM registry' supported? Is there any document providing information about content objects and modifying them to use custom data types ?
A9 – Yes, you can add your own data types. It involves multiple steps including creating Content Object and Integration Object, then registering it into ADM registery. Detailed steps are documented in ADM Bookshelf. Note that customers are reponsible for testing out custom data types to make sure they are created properly.

Q10. Are there any exceptions to restore option (objects where it cannot be applied)?
A10 - The restore task is subject to various limitations and must be performed while a valid ADM deployment session is active and before the deployment session is acknowledged. If you perform a restore after data has been modified post deployment and before acknowledgment, the modified data is lost.

Q11. Which utility is faster for repository migration - Database Server Configuration or Application Deployment Manager ?
A11 – Refer #Q3. It depends on your usage scenario. Refer to Chapter 7 Guidelines for Deploying Siebel ADM.

Q12. Data such as Create, Created By, Updated, Updated By.., will this information gets update in target ?
A12 – Yes.

Q13. Can ADM be used to migrate products? E.g. a new product is being launched. It is set up and tested in Test environement. Now, I want to deploy this product in Production environment.
A13 – Per “ADM Supported Data Types” in 8.x ADM Bookshelf, the following data types are supported: Product Catalog, Product Feature, Product Line, Products.

Q14. What is the role of source_configuration flag?
A14 - There is no such a flag called “source_configuration”. The closest one is “Session Configurable” flag -- check this field if further configurations are required when accessing this project as a deployment session. If this value is unchecked, the project field, Export to File, is read-only, as are the project data type fields, Active and Deployment Filter.

Q15. DEV2PROD should be used where extensive repository changes have been made. DEV2PROD runs outside ADM control. Is this correct ?
A15 - Correct. Refer to Chapter 7 Guidelines for Deploying Siebel ADM. Also refer to #3.

Q16. Can we create a package without Management Server?
A16 – Pacakage is generated outside of Management Server. You can run Packager utility which is a stand-alone utility to create a package. Note you need to install MS in order to get Packager utility installed.

Q17. File export and import - how to get log files for import job?
A17 – After a deployment session completes or fails, ADM creates a log file in the deployment session record. The log files provide details on any failures, as well as source and target environment information.

To access ADM migration log files
1 From the application-level menu, choose Navigation > Site Map > Application Deployment
Manager screen.
2 From the link bar, click Deployment Sessions.
3 In the Deployment Sessions list, click the deployment session record of interest.
4 In the Log field, click on the log file number.
5 Review log file details in the Log view.
Q18. When we migrate State models, it migrates the Positions and Users associated to them. List of users in Source and target envs are not same. How to migrate State Models without users?
A18 – This is a special scenario. Please log a service request to Tech Support.
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