Siebel Application Deployment Manager Question Answers

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Can it be used for State Models?
Yes. Check ADM Bookshelf to confirm. Supported data types are listed in appendix.

Can we deploy the objects, based on the changed flag or beween some date ranges?
Data/objects need to be filtered during the data/ojects export, before the deployment session. You can apply filters to data/objects based on different criteria. Refer to ADM Bookshelf.

Do we need to have ADM OM Management Agent in all target Siebel server?
Yes, if you want to use 8.x ADM through Management Server and Management Agent.

For the multi target deployment, shall we enter Target Enterprise username, password, etc connection parameters in the Target Profile?
You need to run Management Agent Config Wizard to register target Enterprises. The entries will be recorded automatically in ent_profile.xml. Refer to both Installation Guide and ADM Guide.

Is it possible to use other EAI methods beside upsert and sync?
Until 8.1.1, we only support upsert and sync methods.

What are the key points one need to take care while working on orchestration?
Please review Chapter 7 “Guidelines for Deploying Siebel ADM” in ADM Bookshelf which has some best practices of ADM deployment using Management Server.

How do we get to know if it is a successful or a failed deployment? By looking at the log files?
Refer to Chapter 8: Siebel ADM Logging Capabilities and Troubleshooting in ADM 8.x Bookshelf.

Can we have ADM load for Customized Businees Components ?
You need to create custom data type and register it to ADM registry.

Whats the Limitation of ADM in terms of number of records it can export in a single shot ?
ADM export is subject to the limitation of EAI file export.

It can't be used for Admin-State Models as far as I know. Can anybody confirm that ?
Check ADM Bookshelf to confirm. Supported data types are listed in appendix.

How about managing bulk data loads?
ADM is designed to manage small volume of delta configuration changes. For bulk data loads, use EIM or native database utilities. Also refer to Chapter 7 “Guidelines for Deploying Siebel ADM in ADM Bookshelf”.

How to configure the Management Server?
Refer to 8.x Installation Guide. Tech Support also has a simplified write-up about Management Server setup. Contact them to get details.

Creation of package should be completed in the source environment, but the command line interface is available in the Management Server side? In the Source Enterprise should we have the Management Server?
Correct. No, you don’t need install Management Server at your source Enterprise, although some people choose co-installing both source Enterprise and Management Server in one box.

Can we have one Management Sever for multiple target Enterprise Servers ?
Yes, but you need to register all Enterprise servers into the same Management Server and genearate separate ent_profile for each target Enterprise. During the deployment, you need to manually plug in the correct ent_profile so Management Server can deploy to the right target. The recommended way is to install multiple Management Servers, one per each target Enterprise. Refer to slide 25, 26 and 27 in ADM Presentation.

Can one package used by multiple instances of Management Server pointing to different target environments ?
Suggest you run Packager utility from different instance of Management Server to generate multiple packages. Since the data source is the same, the content of mulitple packages should be the same.

Can we manage multiple deployments?
The short answer is yes. The following sections in ADM Bookshelf may help:
- About the Siebel Management Agents and Siebel ADM
- Parallel deployment and load balancing
- Choosing to Use a Staged or Full Deployment

What about Management server on UNIX? Is there any plan to enhance the product so that it can be installed on the Linux box ?
Management Server is supported on Microsoft Windows only. There is no short-term plan to make it work on Unix box. Note that Management Agent is supported on all supported OS platforms, including Linux.
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