Siebel Interview Questions asked in HP India

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Siebel Interview Questions asked in HP India.Some questions are related to Workflow

1. What is work flow process in Siebel.
2. What are WF policy groups and policies.
3. How do you create a WF policy group.
4. How do you invoke your WF through WF policies
5. What kind of operations can you perform through WF policy groups
6. How many local data base do you initialize
7. What is routing model
8. How do you extract the database from server.
9. After initializing the local data base can a developer can work on tools.
10. What is assignment manager and what are the comparison objects in it.
11. For running a WF process through WF policies what are the components need to be running .
12. What are the two tables used in the workflow policies.
13. How do you run workflow-monitoring agent.
14. What is the escalation request table?
15. What does the action request table do?
16. What are the parameters do you pass while running a workflow -monitoring agent.
17. What kind of configuration have you done in this project.
18. What is dynamic drill down.
19. What is your current business requirement.
20. How do you configure dynamic drill down.
21. What are the types of invoking the work flow.
22. How do you invoke workflows through the runtime events?
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