Siebel Tutorials : Siebel Data Model and Party Business Components

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Understanding Siebel Data Model: Party Business Components.

Siebel Party: Refers to instances of entities that have access to records.

S_PARTY is abstraction of the business components that own records
I.e. Groupings created for access to master data

Stores party name + party type
“ for S_ORG_EXT

Includes BCs that represent groupings of party instances
User List: groupings of Users
Access Group: grouping of Access Group Members
  • Only non-person entities
Why? Allows Persons and/or Orgs to own data
Must import data in S_PARTY prior to loading into People or Org tables

Siebel Person related entities

Person = anyone associated with Siebel Application (record in S_CONTACT); E.g. Contact, Employee, User, Partner
  • Contact Person = someone with Contact team 
  • User = Contact that can log in 
  • Employee is user with EMP_PER flag set in S_EMP_PER 
  • Many BCs use these tables: Consumer, Contact, Borrower, Employee
Relationship to responsibility
  • M:M table (S_PER_RESP) stored relationship between Person (S_CONTACT) and responsibility (S_RESP)
  • Significant because users don’t have to be EEs to login

Organization related entities

Any business enterprise associated with Siebel Application (Stored in S_ORG_EXT); E.g. Partner Company, External Account purchasing your products, Position, Division, Organization
  • Flags on S_ORG_EXT for Internal Division, Channel Partner

Organization-related BCs

  • Store main data in S_ORG_EXT
  • In addition to others, may use S_BU to:
Used for indexing Organization Name;
Supports organizational visibility

Single Organization Visibility
  • Uses BU_ID fk
  • BCs have records that can be assigned to one and only one organization
Multi-organizational Visibility
  • Uses Intersection table between S_BU + table for BC. Eg:S_PRI_LST_BU is int between S_BU + S_PRI_LST

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