Understanding Bulk Order functionality and Implementation

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Siebel Order functionality and Implementation.

Siebel 'Bulk Order' module provides the ability to mass-generate orders for a group of assets that are based on a set of common actions. 

For e.g. A telco is launching new-services, say pre-paid cards. Bulk Order functionality could be used to create bulk pre-paid numbers which could directly be connected/activated to/for the direct user once sold (this example is just an imagination for understanding). Please note that this is an optional module that requires additional licensing and installation files.

Siebel Industry Applications - Bulk Orders Installation Toolkit could be downloaded from Oracle's eDelivery site (http://edelivery.oracle.com/).

Siebel Bulk Order implementation instructions:

1. Lock the Symbolic String Project and add the ENU and FRA records as necessary.

2. The following file was imported:
  • Table_BulkRequest.sif
3. The database was then extended for the following tables:
4. The following files were then imported in order:
  • SIS_OM_Base_Architecture.sif
  • Order_Entry.sif
  • CUT_Siebel_Communications.sif
  • ABO_Bulk_Request.sif
  • ABO_Bulk_Request_UI.sif
  • Product Selection UI.sif
5. Compile SRF.

6. Add the following new views in Administration - Application -> Views:
  • ABO Bulk Request Action Set Orders View
  • ABO Bulk Request Exceptions List View
  • ABO Bulk Request List View
  • ABO Bulk Request Users Actions View
  • ABO Order Item Drill Down View
  • SIS OM Warning Message View (ABO Bulk Request)
7. Assign the views to the appropriate responsibility.

8. Log into Siebel eCommunication application using a login including the views added as above (e.g. SADMIN).

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