Delloitte Siebel CRM Interview Question and Answers

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Delloitte Siebel Interview Question and Answers.

What is implied Join. Where do we find it?
The join between a base table and its 1:1 extension table is called implicit. The name of implicit join is same name as the extension table. For example, S_PARTY and all its extension table S_ORG_EXT, S_CONTACT, S_POSTN, S_BU etc. Similarly implicit join exists between a base table and its Inter Section table as well. Example S_OPTY and S_OPTY_CON

How do you recognize that a particular table (Base table) can be extended?
If the table type property is other than Extension, it can be extended.

What is an extension table and how is it related to base table?
Table of type extension are additional tables with implicit 1:1 relationships to its parent base table, the table it logically extends. They provide additional columns that you can use to store data.

Is it possible to have multiple database servers for one gateway server?

What is All Mode Sort?

What does Business Component View Mode indicate?
It defines allowable access control mechanisms that can be applied to the business component in any view

What is the view mode of following bcs?
Account – Position (You assign position to the sales team), Organization
Opportunity – Position, Organization
Contact – Position, Organization, Person
Service Request – Person (Single Owner) here you assign LOGIN to SR, Organization
Action – Person (Multiple Owners)

What is the difference between "PickList Generic" and "PickList Hierarchical" Business components?
Both BCs are based on S_LST_OF_VAL table. PickList Hierachical has more field than PickList Generic and it is used for creating hierarchical picklist.

What is the base table of Account, Contact bc?

What is S_PARTY table?
This is the base table for all party business components.

List different party type?
Party Type Business Component
Organization Account (S_ORG_EXT), Organization (S_BU), Division (S_ORG_EXT)
Person Contact (S_CONTACT), Employee (S_EMP_PER), User (S_USER)
Position Position (S_POSTN)
Household Household (S_ORG_GROUP)
User List User List (S_USERLIST)
Access Group Access Group (S_PARTY_GROUP)

Explain the difference between an organization and division in Siebel?
Account - [Internal Org Flag] = 'N', data gets populated in S_PARTY and S_ORG_EXT tables
Division - [Internal Org Flag] = 'Y', data gets populated in S_PARTY and S_ORG_EXT tables
Organization - - [Internal Org Flag] = 'Y' and [Organization Flag] = 'Y', data gets populated in S_PARTY, S_ORG_EXT, S_BU tables
All Organizations are division, but the reverse is not true.

What is the intersection table of party entities?

How do you create extension table to an interface table in Siebel?
Using wizard

What is the relationship between a view and a b/o?
M: 1

How does bc and applet related?
1: M

How is the opportunity related to an account?
M: 1

What does an opportunity, account contact do in Siebel?

Why do you need to create employees at the database in Siebel?

How do you control visibility in Siebel?

Visibility control can be done at 2 levels.
1> View visibility – this is done by responsibilities
2> Data Visibility – this is done by positions

How to specify owners for a business component?
By using BusComp View Mode. This is a child object of Business Component.

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  1. what is horizontal and verticals in siebel

    Vertical Applications are specifically made for one domain.
    Examples: Siebel ePharma , Siebel eFinance

    Horizontal Applications are Common which can be used for any domain.
    Examples: Siebel Call Center, Siebel Sales

    Lets discuss this in detail

    Siebel Horizontal Competency Practices are Common which can be used for any domain. We can take example Siebel Systems’ Call Center Practice, which is prepared to help with the design, development, and deployment of a complete call center solution that includes business process design, infrastructure, and hardware and software customization.

    Incentive Compensation
    Field Sales
    Call Center and Service
    Customer Telephony Integration (CTI)
    Email Response
    Field Service
    Internet-enabled Service
    Marketing and Analytics
    Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
    Employee Relationship Management (ERM)
    Interactive Selling
    eBusiness Application Integration (eAI)
    Mobile eBusiness
    Global Deployment

    Siebel Vertical Competency Practices are specifically made for one domain, They fulfill are desired requirement of specific industry.

    Financial Services
    Oil and Gas
    Consumer Sector
    Life Sciences



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