Siebel Actuate Questions Answers

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Siebel Actuate Reporting Questions Answers.

What is Structure Pane ?
  • Shows relationship among components in the Actuate e.Report Designer Professional.
  • Displays most components used in the report design
  • Components are placed into available placeholders called slots
  • A slot is a visual target that indicates an available place for a component
What is Layout Pane ?
  • Provides a canvas to work with the appearance and layout of components in the Actuate e.Report Designer Professional.
  • Displays components visible in the finished report , such as frames and controls
What is component editor ?
Allows the viewing and modification of a component’s properties , methods , variables ,
and class information

What is Section component ?
  • Determines the logical structure of the report
  • Acts as a container for other components
  • Receives incoming data rows and creates appropriate output for a report
  • Appears as a set of icons in the Structure pane
  • Contains slots.
What is Report section ?
  • Is the design of the report
  • Retrieves information from a data source and contains components to display that information
  • Present in the all Siebel reports
  • Contains the following slots
  • Connection, DataStream, Before, PageHeader, Content, PageFooter, After, Subpage
What is Group section ?
  • Is used to create grouped data reports
  • Groups data on a common field
  • Has a key property that specifies the field on which to group the records. For example:-Customers grouped by state ; state is the common field and set as the key property
  • Contains the same slots as the report section with the exception if the Datastream slot.
What is Sequential section ?
  • Contains several frames , subreports , or other sections that display or print in a specified order. For example , print two related reports , such as sales history and staffing history, one after the other
  • Contains the following slots
  • ->Connection : not used in Siebel reports
  • ->Content :displays the information and its layout
  • ->Contains one or more frames or sections
  • ->Each content slot prints in its entirety before the next Content slot begins
  • ->Subpage : page layout to the sequential section ; defines the layout for just that
  • section ; defines the layout for just that section
What is PageList Section ?
  • Determines the page layout of the report
  • Contains fixed information as well as areas for the run-time data (referred to as flows)
  • Present in all Siebel reports
  • Siebel reports use only one page style in each report
What is Frame component ?
  • Is a rectangular container for displaying information. For example :- text controls , label controls , or images
  • Must exist before controls are inserted
  • Can be used to manipulate controls as a group by placing a set of related controls in a
  • frame
  • A report is a collection of frames and controls
What is control component ?
  • Displays all the information within a report
  • Displays data , performs an action , or makes the report easier to read
  • Is a chart or graph , image , text , or other element that can be placed in a frame
  • Types:-
  • ->Text(data) controls associate with one or more variables from run-time data ;
  • referred to as dynamic controls
  • ->Other controls are sometimes referred to as static controls
  • ->Label control
  • ->Line control
What is Siebel Reports Server ?
  • Is a prebuilt integration with the Actuate e.Reporting Server with data access from the Siebel Object Manager
  • Generates reports , manages report documents , and provides access top reports via a supported Web browser
  • Contains the Report Encyclopedia. Contains report items , access privileges , and request queues
  • Secures scheduling and distribution of reports
  • Hosts report executables.

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