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Siebel Realtime Interview Question Answers.

What do you mean by spooling?
Spooling is the process of extracting sql queries that gets fired in the database. This can be achieved in 2 ways.
1> In siebel.exe, right click – Properties, add this /s “PATH i.e C:\\log”
2> Create a environment variable with properties. Variable - SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS, Value - 5

Suppose I write a script on the browser side and get some output. Can this same output be transferred to / called from the Server side script? If YES, how and if NO, why not?
Yes, we can call server script from browser script, but the reverse is not true.

What is force active property of field?
When Force Active is TRUE, the field is queried each time the business component is instantiated, even when the field is not exposed on the user interface. The data value is always retrieved from the database. It indicates the db engine to include this column in the select statement.

What is Link Specification property of field?
TRUE = Specifies that the field's value in parent bc is passed as a default value to a field in the child business component.

What is Long List property of Picklist?
It specifies whether the Siebel application should attempt to position the cursor on the current value in a long list of values. When you specify Long List = TRUE for a picklist list, the Siebel application does not keep focus on the current record

What is detailed category and what is its use in configuration.

How will you do validations in configuration?
By using the Validation property of field

How do you add Button Icon in an Applet? Like New, Query, Delete. I want Activate Button also.

What is difference between S_OPTY_X and S_OPTY_XM tables?
S_OPTY_X is the 1:1 extension table of S_OPTY where as S_OPTY_XM is the 1: M extension table.

What difference between join specification and join definition?
Join specification is the child object of Join definition. In join specification, we populate the source filed (FK field to the JOIN table and Destination Column, PK of the JOIN table.

What is the difference between LOV and Picklist?
We create LOV in the Application and associate the LOV with the picklist using value property.

What is Symbolic URL in Siebel?
It is used to call external webpage from siebel application.

How to run genbscript.exe?
this is used to generate browser script.
\"c:\\program files\\siebel\\7.8\\web client\\bin\\genbscript.exe\" c:\\progra~1\\siebel\\7.8\\webcli~1\\bin\\enu\\siebel.cfg \"c:\\program files\\siebel\\7.8\\web client\\public\\enu\" enu pause

What is Shuttle Applet?
Shuttle Applet is a combination of MVG Applet and Association Applet. The binding happens at the run time. It is used to M:M relationship. In a Shuttle Applet, the lhs applet is Association Applet and rhs applet is the MVG applet.

What is the difference between MVG applet and a pick Applet?
We associate MVG applet with an mvf control (control based on mvf) and Pick Applet with a picklist control (control based on picklist field). Type for MVG Applet is MVG and pick applet is Pick List.

What is applet toggle how many types are there?
It identifies one or more alternate applets to use in displaying the data of a business component. Toggle is of 2 types i.e. Static and Dynamic toggles. If the Auto Toggle Field and Auto Toggle Value is specified, it is Dynamic Toggle else Static Toggle. Static toggle can be based on different BCs but Dynamic toggle is always based on same BCs.

Business Scenario – When Activity Type is Inactive, I want to show a List Applet with 10 fields, else I want to display a List Applet with 5 fields. How do you achieve it?
Ans – By using Dynamic Toggle.

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