Siebel Workflow Advanced Interview Questions and Answers

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Siebel Workflow Questions and Answers.

How to fetch a mvf value in workflow
Type- Expression
Business Component- Service Request
Here Organization is a multi value field in Service Request business component.

How to Lookup a value stored in a process property in a Workflow
Use workflow Utilities Business Service.

Output Arguments:
Property Name: LkUpValue
Type:Output Argument
Output Argument : LookupValue(’TYPE_VALUE’,[&ProcessPropName])
If the value is found in the LOV, it will be stored in the LkUpValue process property.

Search Specification used in the Workflow
Filter Business Component : Service Request
Type : Expression
Search Specification: ”[SR Category]=’”+[&SR Category]+”’ AND [SR Type]=’”+[&SR Type]+”’”Expression Business Component : Service Request

How to Update a mvf using Siebel Operation Step:
All fields are available for update and insert except fields based on multi-value groups and calculated fields. If you want to update a field based on a multi-value group, you can define a business component for the field and link the business component to the object using Siebel Tools. An example is an update to an Account Team. Account Team is based on a multi-value group, so it cannot be updated by selecting the Account business component. However, you can create a business

Design a Workflow Processes
Working with Siebel Operation Steps component called “Account Team” and then associate it with the Account business object using Siebel Tools. You could then select Account Team as the business component to update with the Siebel Operation step.

The object ID for the process is automatically passed to Siebel Operation steps.
Because this automatic passing occurs, you do not need to enter a search specification value unless you are updating child records. For example, if you have a process based on the service request object and you want to update the service request, you do not need to enter a search specification. However, if you want to update activities for the service request, you may want to enter a search specification to query the specific activity that you want to update. Otherwise, the
update step updates all activities for the service request.

When performing a query operation for child records, the Siebel Operation Object
ID process property field will return the row ID if one record matches, a “*” if multiple records match, and Null/no value if no records match.The insert/update operation updates the Siebel Operation Object ID process property field of the record’s row ID.

NOTE: The Workflow Policy programs and Siebel Operation steps use different object layers to update data. For example, you may have a Workflow Policy that calls a Workflow Policy Program to update a Service Request Record. This method goes through the Data Layer in which State Model does not apply.Conversely, if you have a Workflow Policy that calls a Workflow Process Action and in the Workflow Process, you have defined a Siebel Operation step to update a Service Request Record, this method goes through the Object Layer in which the State Model does apply.

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