Building blocks of Siebel 3-tier Architecture

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Siebel 3-Tier Architecture.

What comprises the building blocks of Siebel 3-tier Architecture?

Siebel 3-tier architecture consist of  the following
  • 1. Client - Web server interphase layer
  • 2. Applications servers layer
  • 3. Database layer 

1. Siebel Client - Web server inter phase layer:

This is the first layer which consist of end users who will be accessing Siebel CRM thin clients over internet and a web server enabled with SWSE plugins. Request or transaction is made by client which through Web Server is passed on with authentications and mechanism to Application Layer.

2. Siebel Applications Servers layer:

Application Server layer is the most important layer which contain Siebel Enterprise which comprises of Siebel Gateway Server, Siebel Application Server. Each Siebel Application Server has collections of Application Object Managers which servers as the logical units for all the transactions happening. Request get passed from Application Servers to Database layer.

3. Siebel Database layer:

Request comes to DB and it internally get converted to RDBMS queries or language understandable by Database software. Which then fetch result from the underlying table abd pass it back to Application Server layer which in turn pass it to web server and then to clients user interface.

This was just an overview of how a 3-tier Architecture looks like. I would further add on this, specifically about how complex and different implementations a Siebel can have.
I hope beginners will find it interesting and keep it as a good learning experience.

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