Accenture Siebel Admin Interview Questions

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Accenture Siebel Administration Interview Questions collection.

  • What is the use of Workflow Monitoring Agents in Siebel CRM?
  • Explain what is shm file in Siebel and what is the importance of it?
  • If all the users of the Siebel application are reporting slow response for a particular view, what can be the possible cause and how will you troubleshoot?
  • Explain what is the use of lbconfig.txt file on webserver in Siebel?
  • Suppose you increased log levels for a particular component to all 4 but still the detailed logs are not getting generated. What troubleshooting steps will you take?
  • Explain in detail the process to change SADMIN production password?
  • What is the use of OSDF file in Siebel? Is it present for a Siebel environment running on windows platform or only in Unix?
  • Explain how will you clean up the Siebel Filesystem? What is the utility provided by Siebel for it? 
  • What is the concept of shell in Siebel? What are the different types of shells?
  • What if Siebel Gateway goes down in a running Siebel Enterprise?  What will happen to the existing users? Will new users be able to login?
  • Can I have (build) an enterprise with webservers on Windows Platform and Object Manager servers on Solaris Platform and workflow servers again on windows platform OR vice – versa?
  • Where is the Application timeout defined for Siebel?
  • Suppose you have done srf replacement and repository migration from dev to test environment and a message which was  getting displayed on button click in dev environment is not getting displayed in test environment – what can be the cause of the issue?
  • How are asynchronous requests processed in Siebel?
  • How will you identify if Siebns.dat file is corrupt or not?
  • What are the checks you do when the users report slow response?
  • How does a User request flow when the user hits the Siebel URL?
  • What is the concept of subsystem in Siebel?
  • What is the significance of connect string in eaaps.cfg file? What all parameters are there in the connect string?
  • How will you check or identify if the SRF file is corrupt or not?
  • What is the difference between Siebel SIA and Siebel SEA?
  • While doing Repository import – if the Database goes down – what are the steps you will perform?
  • How will you do crash analysis in Siebel?
  • If a developer makes changes to an applet – what will you do – srf replacement or repository migration and why?
  • What if I define a parameter at subsystem level and then define the same parameter at Siebel Server level? Which one will take effect and why?
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