IBM Siebel Admin Interview Questions

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Siebel Administration Interview Questions asked in IBM.

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  1. Explain what are the steps to be followed in Siebel Repository Migration?
  2. Explain the steps involved in Siebel Local Database Extract?
  3. Why do we need to Apply and Activate in Siebel Tools?
  4. What is the difference between incremental compile and full compile?  When to go for which?
  5. What is the concept of Max MTS and Min MTS in Siebel. Is it related to performance tuning?
  6. Name the subsystems involved in MQ integration with Siebel?
  7. After generation of the browser script is there a way by which we can update the same at Web Server without restarting the Web Server?
  8. If you make the parameter Extract All Repository set to False while doing Local Database Extract what will happen?
  9. What is the sequence to be followed for starting up the a Siebel enterprise?
  10. Explain what do you mean by Max Tasks?
  11. How can you increase the log level for Siebel Gateway?
  12. Can you have multiple databases in the same Siebel Enterprise?
  13. What is the default value of sisnapi connection per session?
  14. How can you increase log levels for a particular type of event say ALL SQL Events for a particular Siebel component?
  15. What do you mean by the Siebel component SCBroker? Explain its function.
  16. Can you run GenNewDB job once and use the result of the same – multiple times? If yes – how many times? If NO – why?
  17. How will you increase the log levels for Siebel tools or how will you get the SQLs generate by Siebel tools?
  18. Can one Siebel gateway cater to more than one Siebel enterprise? If the answer is yes, why is not recommended?
  19. Explain what steps you will follow to troubleshoot the Server Busy Error?
  20. What is the purpose of File System Manager Component in Siebel?
  21. Explain how are Max Tasks, Max MTS and Min MTS calculations done in Siebel?
  22. Does Siebel allows multiple Gateways in the same enterprise?
  23. What is the effect if I change the default value of sisnapi connection per session to a lower value than the default value?
  24. What if File System Manager Component on a server goes down?
  25. What is the function of the component SRProc? What is the significance of it?
  26. What is SRBroker? What kind of request processing is it used in – synchronous or asynchronous?
  27. What is the function of diccache.dat file in Siebel? Explain its significance.
  28. Explain how will you merge two cfg files in Siebel?
  29. How will you regenerate siebsvc or Siebel service file?
  30. What is the function of anonymous user defined in eapps.cfg?


  1. The questions are very good. Can you please provide the answers

  2. Ankit you can Google them easily.

  3. Please provide the answers..



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