IBM Siebel EAI Interview Questions

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IBM Siebel EAI Interview Questions collected from interviews.

  • What is the main difference between HTTP integration and web services?
  • If web service has to send data to the Virtual Business Component– how can it be done?
  • When you import a WSDL file in tools.u create a proxy BS.What happens if there is a change in the namespace in the WSDL. How would you change that in Siebel?
  • Explain in detail the Siebel Integration architecture?
  • What are the Siebel EAI value Maps ?
  • Explain the difference between Siebel repository and SRF file ?
  • Is it possible to Deploy and Activate the workflow Directly to the Application?
  • Can you tell me what are the different Integration Component Keys?
  • What arguments do we pass for upsert method in EAI Siebel Adapter?
  • What is query page method In Siebel? How would retrieve another set of records using query page method? How will you set this up?
  • How will you implement security in Web Services?
  • Explain Web Service Architecture or how the input/output message comes/goes to/from siebel(soap messages converted into property sets)
  • Can you tell me what are the user properties for proxy BS?
  • What happens when we click on the Synchronous Button for an IO in Siebel?
  • What are Integration Objects, and why they are needed? Why cant we integrate without having IOs?
  • How will you find relationships between different integration components?
  • What are the parameters we have to give for inbound http?
  • Explain the differences between VBC and EBC?
  • What are the various business service methods for VBC?
  • What are the various Integration component user properties?
  • How will you decide whether you have to use VBC or EBC?
  • What do you mean by SOAP?
  • Explain what is the difference between Name, Externam Name and xml tag in IC fields?
  • What does synchronize method do in EAI Siebel Adapter?
  • Differentiate between VBC and normal BC?
  • Explain with a small example what do you mean by WSDL?
  • How do you achieve "Web Service Security?What are Security mechanisms available in Siebel?
  • Can we have a workflow Process as Web Service in Siebel ?If not Why ?
  • How do you Deploy a Web Service in Siebel?and how do you share the Web Service details with external Application?
  • How do you access External Data from Siebel?
  • Explain how do you integrate with Siebel?
  • Explain the Basic Needs for any basic integration scenario?
  • Difference between EAI XML converted and XML Hierarchy converter?
  • How is the address specified in Inbound Webservice?
  • Can you tell me how JMS is different from RPC?
  • Differentiate between Integration Objects and Integration Object Instances?
  • What is the difference between EAI Dispatch Service and Workflow?
  • How to publish an ASI as Siebel Inbound Web Service?
  • Can you tell me how do you create an inbound Web Service?
  • If the Object Manager is down will the Web Service work? What component must be up and running in order to successfully implement inbound Web Service?
  • Explain what are the advantages of JMS?
  • How do you create an External IO in Siebel?
  • Why do we need Datamaps ?and what are the basic needs to have a Datamap?
  • What are the IO user Properties? Can you explain with examples?
  • What is an Inbound Web service and Outbound Web Service?
  • How do you implement Inbound Web services and Outbound Web Service?
  • What are the various transports supported by Siebel Applications for publishing web services?
  • How do you create an outbound web service?
  • How does inbound HTTP request work?
  • What is the basic difference between Publish Subscribe model and P2P model?
  • What are the methods available in EAI Siebel Adapter?
  • How is the response send from Siebel end to the third party application using web services?
  • Explain what are dispatcher services in Siebel?
  • What is the difference between runtime Events and workflow policies?
  • Why are Database Triggers and why we need them?
  • Why do we need the Siebel Workflow Monitor Agent?
  • Explain what is the difference between Workflow Process Manager and Monitor Agent ?
  • What is the difference between topic and queue?
  • How do you debug a Siebel workflow in a live environment ?
  • What do you mean by Siebel Process Property and where do we use them?
  • What are the various integration Techniques available in Siebel?
  • While creating integration Objects – are the calculated fields created?

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