Siebel High Interactivity Web Client

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High Interactivity Web Client

The high interactivity client framework is ideal for task-intensive, employee-facing applications, such as Siebel Call Center, Sales, Service, and Marketing. It improves user interface response time while maintaining the benefits of a completely Web-based client. It is easy to deploy and it does not require specific Siebel eBusiness application configuration changes.

The Siebel high interactivity framework contains the components shown below:

These components work together to render a rich user interface with:
  • High-performing interactive controls
  • Customized functionality provided by browser scripting
  • Specialized functionality provided by java applets
The browser document object model (DOM) is the foundation for the Siebel HI framework. The DOM provides a standard way to programmatically build, navigate, or update the user interface.

The high interactivity Siebel eBusiness application takes advantage of:
  • Java, for specialized applets like the CTI Toolbar and pipeline charts
  • JavaScript technology for application menus and basic framework functions
  • ActiveX, for features like keyboard accelerators and client integration
  • Browser DOM, which enables features such as sending data-only updates to the server separately from layout updates
The table below summarizes the differences at a high level:

Many usability and performance features are built into Siebel applications and are available solely through the Siebel high interactivity framework:
  • Calendar and calculator pop-ups
  • MVG shuttle applets
  • Keyboard accelerators
  • Drag and drop attachments
  • Rich text editing
  • Email integration
  • Implicit commit (save record)
  • Text value wrapping
These are some additional features of the Siebel high interactivity framework:
  • Query Assistant
  • Selected record chevron
  • Shortcuts and bookmarks
  • Expanded text fields
  • Enhanced scroll bars
  • Double-click selecting
  • Auto-complete pick list
The Siebel high interactivity framework uses advanced browser feature such as the DOM, Java, and ActiveX. Because the HI framework requires these technologies, only specific browsers and platforms can run Siebel eBusiness applications in HI mode. Use the Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms Guide to identify the latest platform and browser support information.

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