Project Manager Interview - Project Management and Workplace politics

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Project Management and Workplace politics. What do you think?

We all must have faced the workplace politics in our careers but it is unfortunate that we do not teach Politics 101 in MBA's. I have followed some guidelines for myself while leading projects, which have worked pretty good for me so far. I would like to know what other things we can do handle workplace politics and general issues in Project management.

What I have done to handle workplace politics are;

1. Always follow up with a written summary for all the corridor or coffee table discussions.

2. One should not Gossip. If team member complaints about the other person, the key is to just listen. It helps the other person to vent out and somtimes just that much is sufficient to resolve the issues.

3. Talk less and listen more. Think twice and then advice.

4. Cross cultural understanding of human behaviour is very important nowadays since teams are global and people in different countries think, live, work and communicate at different pitch.

Understanding them is very important. Easiest way of learning culture of different countires is not by books, since they are very time consuming 'sometimes' but good movies from different countires helps a lot. It has helped me, even though some movies do not have subtitles but you get good idea about how people live and think in other countries. You get all the foriegn language movies in any of district libraries.  
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