IT/Software Project Manager Interview Questions Answers

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Software Project Management Interview Questions.

Explain what do you mean by a internal change request?
Answer : When we talk about a internal change request ICR, the first thing to understand is that these requests are normally not billable change request, and as such we do not gain anything financially from the client. For instance, the software architect of your company has listed out an alternative approach in the middle of the project and that the said architecture needs to be adapted. As such, this has nothing to with the client, but since changes were made to the project hence we term this as Internal change request. 

Explain how do you do code reviews within a project? 
Answer : Code review is one of the most vital thing aspect that needs to be followed in a software project. However there is no standard procedure or process that is followed across projects or organizations, it change from person to person and also differs from organization to organization. The usual and the most common procedure adopted is that when a project is started software architect define there architecture, design team prepares the draft design, and the implementation team the coding standards and procedures, etc. As such, when you start a code review, you need to refer  and go through the standards procedures as defined in the project.

Can you tell me what are the Software and Tools you have used for managing your project? 

Answer : Most of the big software companies have come up their own standard software. Project management software are also readily available in the market, which are frequently being tried and tested by the companies. Again, it is something that varies from organization to organization and from project to project. Microsoft project is one of the software that is widely being used by small and mid-size companies.

Explain what is the main difference between SITP and UTP in testing? 
Answer : Unit Test Plan are done at the smallest unit level or in stand alone mode in a project. For instance, let us consider you have a customer and invoicing module in your project. As such, you will do the unit test on Customer and Invoice module independent of each other. Although, later when we want test both customer and invoice as needed and to test the inter dependencies, we integrate them and do the testing which is nothing but the System Integration Test Plan(SITP).

UTP can be done using tools like NUNIT. Unit testing is done normally by developers, mostly its a manual testing process and System testing is done by Testing team in integration mode using different software.

Tell us about a situation when you have people in your team who misses deadlines quite often or do not perform to the expectation of the project. What actions would you take? 
Answer : This question is asked with to find out about your delegation skills. The most suitable answer to this question is that the job of a project manager is managing projects and not attending to individual delivery, as such the work will be delegated to someone else, and the performance will be reported to human resource or upper management.

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