Project Manager Interview Questions Answers for IT Professionals

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IT Project Management Interview Questions and Answers.

Describe about IT project spending in your project. Is it constant throughout the different stages of the project?
Answer : This question is asked to test how much you know regarding costing of projects. As usual in the initial stage of project, ie the requirement and design phase, the cost and expense is very minimal, because this stage requires a bit of business analysis and architecture. But as the project progresses, cost factor starts to increase.The cost becomes maximum in coding phase because in this phase you require programmers , developers, testers, project leads and a project manager. 
Finally, when the project is in testing and acceptance phase cost depends from client to client but usually less compared to development stage.

What do you mean by a stakeholder ?
A stakeholder is anyone who has something to gain or lose as a result of the completion or failure of this project or phase
Note:- It’s not only the end customer the stakeholder .Project managers , Project Lead , even programmers , testing department etc.. are stake holders of project.So during project management interview whenever you refer stakeholder’s be clear about the terminology.

Are risk constant through out the project ?
* Never say that risk is high through out the project.
Risk is high at the start of project’s , but by proper POC (Proof of concept) risk is brought in control.Good project manager’s always have proper risk mitigation plan at the start of project.As the project continues one by one risk is eliminated thus bringing down
the risk.

Explain in brief about project life cycle ? How many phases are there in software project ?
There are five stages of any project initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closeout.These are very general phases and change according to domain.Example when writing a book i will have following mapping’s initiating(contacting publishers,getting

copy right etc.), planning(Table of contents of book ,Number of chapters , tool to use,chapter wise deadlines etc), xecuting(Actually writing the book), controlling(proof reading , language checks , page alignments etc), and closeout(Finally printing and on the
shelf for sale).So this classification is at very broader level , for software development the above figure shows the mapping.

During Software project management interview expected answer is requirement phase, design phase ,coding phase , testing phase and project closure.But you can just impress the answer by giving a general answer and then showing the mapping.
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